The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best 8-String Guitar

There is no doubt that any eight-stringed instrument is intimidating for a beginner. Some experienced players might find it strange to play an instrument with more than six strings.

However, eight-string guitars can benefit a variety of musical forms. Rock musicians, particularly solo guitarists, require a lot of space to solo. What’s more, guess what? That is precisely what the eight-string guitar provides.

Two extra strings on this eight-string guitar produce stronger tones. This will benefit bassists because they can better follow your progressions.

Finding an eight-string guitar is a common issue for folks transitioning from a six-string to an eight-string guitar. This is because, in reality, eight-string guitars require the player to think differently about scale length, string gauge, tuning, budget, and tones they want to achieve.

When selecting an eight-string guitar, there are numerous factors to consider. That is why we gathered a list of the ten best eight-string guitars to assist you with your decision. We made sure that there was something on the list for everyone.

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Schecter OMEN-8 Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG8 Electric Guitar

Schecter C-8 DELUXE Electric Guitar

ESP LTD SC-608 Baritone Signature Series Stephen Carpenter Electric Guitar

Top 10 Best 8-String Guitars

1. Schecter OMEN-8 Electric Guitar

The Schecter OMEN-8 electric guitar is an excellent option if you want to move up to an eight-string guitar. This guitar was designed for superior sound during songwriting, practice, and live performance.

This eight-string guitar is at the top of this list because it has an exciting build that inspires you to play it every day. It has a basswood body, diamond plus pickups, volume and tonal controls, and a bridge and saddle. Players who care about color can choose between a black or white body depending on their preference.

The neck is made of maple, which gives it a smooth feel. The grain is also consistent throughout the neck, which is good if you don’t like sticky necks. The fingerboard is rosewood and has semi-Goth inlays for metal rock players.

Some guitars become untuned. When you are playing with an audience, this can be frustrating. The Schecter OMEN-8, on the other hand, does not have this issue. It stays in tune for an extended period, and you can tune it using a variety of eight-string standard tunings.

The OMEN-8 is an excellent guitar for rock players who want a balanced sound. You can be sure that the sound from the pickups is perfect, and your amplifier will sound great, whether you have it on distortion or clean settings. Plus, this guitar is ideal for people who want a low-action guitar on the low F-sharp string; there’s no buzz or noise.


  • A fantastic electric guitar for beginners.
  • The body features a glossy finish.
  • The natural finish on the neck keeps sticky fingers at bay.
  • The string gauge is also ideal for jazz, metal, and other styles.


  • It is not a multiscale-length guitar.

2. Ibanez RG8 Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RG8 is a great guitar for all types of players. It has some great qualities that make it an excellent choice.

When you start playing the eight-string guitar, you’ll need to learn how to stretch. The same is true for this one. However, the manufacturer made the maple neck slimmer, so stretching will be easier.

The body of the guitar comes in different colors. The mahogany body makes it strong and beautiful. There are two bridge and neck pickups. This means that one humbucking pickup is close to the bridge, and the other is near the neck.

The RG8 can tune in to various tuning patterns. Its standard factory tuning pattern is D#, A#, F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, and F. But if you want to change it to a different tuning standard that suits your playing style better, you can do that too.

The RG8 uses strings that are 9-65. This creates the right amount of tension on the strings so that the guitar sounds good.

Some people say this eight guitar is not good because it looks cheap. But everything on it is durable and has a purpose. Plus, the sound it produces is unique and straightforward. You can use this guitar with your rig or amplifier, and it will not fail you.

The strings are close together, but this should not be an issue. The tone is good, and the string gauge ensures that the lower strings have greater bass frequencies.


  • Long-lasting construction
  • Humbucking pickups on the bridge and neck for picking up all the tones
  • The length of the scale is 27 inches.
  • It has a wizard neck.


  • Users complained about the buzz. However, this should not be an issue if you have a fret wrap.

3. Schecter C-8 DELUXE Electric Guitar

People who play eight-string guitars want to sound great. But you can’t sound great unless you have a guitar to help you do that. The Schecter C-8 is perfect for that. It’s an electric eight-string guitar that will let you turn your rig and amplifier into something really powerful.

The overall quality of this guitar is excellent. However, because it contains eight strings, it may not be popular with everyone. It has a basswood body, a hardtail bridge, Diamond Plus- pickups, volume and tone controls, and a switch.

The maple neck of this guitar is 28 inches long. This is easier on your fingers. The guitar also boasts a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays on an excellent tone.

The Schecter is a fantastic instrument for performers who want to experiment with different songwriting styles. For example, if you’re going to slap the bottom strings, the Schecter allows you to do so. The neck is very narrow, making it easy to reach the last fret.

The string-thru body also helps the guitar sound better. When you play, the vibrations from the strings will be heard more clearly. The tuning on this instrument is fantastic, and the Diamond plus-8 pickups let you hear all of the tones.


  • Everyone can play the guitar.
  • Tonality is superb.
  • Slender neck
  • There is an extra space between the neck and the body to allow the musician to reach the fretboard’s far end.
  • It comes with chrome hardware.


  • We are yet to know how long the guitar stays in tune

4. ESP LTD EC-258 Electric Guitar

If you are looking for an affordable eight-string guitar to add to your rig, then this is what you should purchase.

This car is different than most cars. It has unique features that the other cars don’t have. I am sure you will be impressed with it when you see it.

The body of the guitar is mainly made from mahogany. Mahogany is a strong wood that gives the guitar a good sound. The bridge, neck, and pickups are also all made from mahogany. The mahogany neck is slim, so it’s easy for people with smaller hands to reach all the frets on the guitar. The fretboard has 22 jumbo frets, so you won’t hit the wrong notes or strings while playing.

The ESP LTD EC-258 sounds excellent for a professional guitar. It has passive pickups that capture all the tones perfectly. Some users have noted that the strings buzz, but don’t worry because you can fix that with a fret wrap.

The ESP LTD EC-258 is ideal for transitioning to an eight-string guitar. Experienced players will find this guitar simple to play. It’s worth noting that the lower string is a 74-string gauge. This makes it easy for you to create fantastic noises.


  • Suitable for all styles
  • Its strong mahogany body with a matte finish adds to its allure.
  • For smooth movement, dot inlays on the frets are used.
  • A battery is not required for passive electronics.
  • Provides contemporary sounds


  • There is buzzing on the frets, but it is not as noticeable.

5. ESP LTD SC-608 Baritone Signature Series Stephen Carpenter Electric Guitar

The ESP LTD SC-608 is a great guitar for metal guitarists. It has a strong body and great sound quality.

The ESP LTD SC-608 has a mahogany body with a red sparkle. The red sparkle makes it look appealing and great during performances. The neck is made of 3-pieces of maple, with a Macassar Ebony fingerboard that is also 350 mm long.

The neck of the guitar is 27 inches long. This allows the baritone sound qualities to be heard when you play it. You will also find a string-thru bridge on the body of the guitar. This bridge ensures that the strings have the proper tension during performances.

The mahogany body of this guitar has two active pickups. You will love the glow-in-the-dark stripe on the pickup. It ensures that each note is picked with extreme precision and quality, especially when playing in dim lighting.

This guitar is easy to play because it has a good structure and sound quality. The guitar stays in tune, and the LTD locking tuners make it easy to tune. These tuners are also useful when you restring your guitar because you don’t have to wrap the string over the tuning peg.

The S-608 is an eight-string instrument for both beginners and experienced players.


  • Easy to tune
  • String tension is excellent
  • Red sparkle makes the guitar attractive
  • Thin neck
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with a case


  • There are no dot inlays. Therefore novices may struggle to play this guitar.

6. Schecter Damien Platinum 8 Electric Guitar

We can all agree on one thing. Shreds sound fantastic. However, you’ll need a nice guitar to make the most of them. That’s why the Schecter Damien Platinum 8 is such a great shredding buddy.

This eight-string guitar’s robust body makes it easier to play and more durable. The body is mahogany, the neck is 3-piece maple, the tuners are Grover, the fingerboard is rosewood with lightning dot inlays, and the bridge and neck pickups are EMG 808.

This guitar is excellent for Grover tunings. But it also offers multiple other tuning abilities for different types of music. You can use it for metal music or any other style you want. The guitar also stays in tune for a long time, so you can play it without stopping and tuning it again.

Many guitarists moving to eight-string guitars already know how to play the basics. The guitar is simple to learn and tune, and the pickups may be customized to capture your chosen tones. It also looks nice and will work in any setting.


  • Simple body design
  • Sounds well in a variety of tunings.
  • There are no messy strings.
  • It fits all genres.


  • It’s not the finest option for playing gritty tones.

7. Schecter 1925 Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 TBB Electric Guitars

If you’re having difficulty deciding between two guitars, you can get a hybrid guitar. The Schecter 1925 C-8 mixes two popular eight-string guitars: the SLS and the Hellraiser.

The guitar has a mahogany body with quilted maple on the top. It includes a hipshot hardtail bridge, string-through-body, neck and bridge active humbuckers, volume, tone, and three-way switch controls.

The neck itself is a work of art. It boasts a three-piece maple neck with carbon reinforcement rods and a 20-inch radius ebony fretboard. For persons with small hands, the neck is slender.

The Schecter C-8 is a hybrid guitar. This means that the sound quality is excellent. The locking tuners make it easy to tune, and there are no tuning problems. The active pickups ensure that each note sounds accurate and fantastic. Even though it’s perfect for shredding, it can also be used for other playing styles.

The Schecter C-8 is an excellent guitar for starting on eight-string guitars. If you are an experienced player, you will also enjoy this guitar because it has a longer scale and is an excellent addition to your amplifier.


  • It has a two-way adjustable rod.
  • Thin neck for improved fretboard movement
  • Different tuning options are available.
  • Lock tuning allows for simple tuning and restringing.
  • It’s simple to play because it has a medium action.


  • Active pickups mean that you need to use a battery

8. Schecter BANSHEE ELITE-8 Electric Guitar

If you like to play guitar stylishly, you should consider the Schecter BANSHEE ELITE 8. This guitar has excellent features and sound qualities that will be great for players of all genres.

The eight-string guitar has a swamp ash body that looks vintage but modern. It also has Supercharge Mach -8 pickups in the neck and bridge positions, volume and tone controls, and a three-way switch.

The neck-thru construction on this guitar makes it the core of the instrument. The maple neck also has carbon fiber reinforcement to make it look and feel harder and keep the headstock in place. Another noteworthy feature is the black chrome hardware, designed for durability.

The BANSHEE ELITE-8 guitar is a great option if you want an instrument with great sound. This guitar is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. It produces excellent tones that will make your music sound great.


  • Elegant style
  • The pickup set precisely picks up each sound.
  • Sound quality is essential in any performance.
  • Fits all fashions
  • It’s simple to play.


  • Slightly heavy

9. Jackson X Series Dinky DKAF8 8-String Electric Guitar

The Jackson X Series DKAF8 electric guitar is perfect for people looking for a multiscale guitar. This guitar offers unique features that are not found on other eight-string guitars.

When looking for an eight-stringed instrument, experts recommend a multi-scaled guitar. This is because different scaling brings comfort and excellent intonation to the strings.

The neck of this guitar has a scale length of 28 inches and a scale length of 26 inches. It also has a staggered bridge to increase string tension.

The mahogany body has two pickups for the neck and bridge. You can control the volume and tone. There is also a three-toggle switch. The bridge is fantastic because it helps you play high notes easily.

This guitar is excellent for its price range. You can use it for practice, solos, and shredding. It also has good intonation when you move up and down the scale. You will also like the string gauge on this guitar. If you want to change it, that is up to you. But we think the guitar is ready to play when you unbox it.

The Jackson X Series is a beautiful place to start if you want to learn to play the eight-string guitar. However, you still need to know your fretboard in and out. You should have learned this if you had played the guitar with fewer strings.


  • Stable construction
  • The humbucking bridge picks up all sounds.
  • The multiscale length ensures that all strings move smoothly.
  • Weight distribution


  • The guitar is a little hefty due to the multiscale neck.

10. Ibanez RGMS8 Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RGMS8 is an electric guitar with a difference. It comes from a good brand, and you’ll notice the difference in comfort and sound quality.

People often don’t like how heavy multiscale guitars are. But this guitar is different. You can practice with it for a long time and play it on stage while standing up. This is due to the guitar’s mahogany body, two humbucking pickups, tone controls, volume, and a three-way toggle switch. The body also features a monorail bridge, which guarantees ample distance between strings. It also has a five-piece maple neck and a jatoba fretboard.

You will love this eight-string guitar if you love to shred on any guitar. It has a warm sound and the perfect punch for playing different styles. Plus, the multiscale neck ensures ideal intonation. And the tension and sustain on the strings are terrific!

The Ibanez RGMS8 works flawlessly with the digital or analog pedal. Whether you are a beginner or an elite player, you will enjoy the sounds coming from this guitar.


  • It is an excellent multiscale eight-string guitar
  • It provides rich and bright tones for different styles
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • The bridge is not grounded.

Buying Guide

When you need a guitar with more range for solos, you might want to buy a 7, 8, or 12-string guitar. Guitar manufacturers know what musicians need, so they make these kinds of guitars.

When buying an electric guitar with 8-strings, it is essential to think differently than when purchasing a 6-string guitar. There are new types of music to be played, so you need the right guitar to get the job done. This article will discuss some things you should consider when shopping for an 8-string guitar.

The budget debate

If you switch from a six-string electric guitar to an eight-string guitar, you should have some experience first. Eight-string guitars cost differently, and if you’re smart, you won’t just focus on the price.

There are several reasons why you should not let your budget hold you back from getting the guitar you want. First, you might miss out on a good deal if you’re not careful. Second, checking out different guitars will help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

Eight-string construction

Just like a six-string guitar, an eight-string guitar has a similar look. It has pickups, a bridge, a headstock, and everything else you would find on a guitar with fewer strings. The difference is that there are two extra strings. Manufacturers usually add two strings on the lower end. This gives you two extra-thick bass strings.

When buying an eight-string guitar, go for a durable and robust design. Remember that they can be a bit heavier than the six-string, so be prepared for that.

For the scale length

If you’re starting to play the eight-string guitar, you might be confused about choosing the scale length. Should you go for the shorter or wider one?

The thing is, most eight-string guitars come with intonation and tuning problems. So you must pick the right size.

So, when buying a guitar, many experts advocate players to go for a multiscale length eight-string guitar. It solves the problem of finding the right size instantly.

How do you know if a guitar has a multiscale length? It’s easy to see if the neck is bent.

The guitar should adapt to different tunings.

An eight-string guitar has more strings than a regular guitar. This means that you can play a broader range of notes on it. This can be helpful when playing solos because you don’t have to move your hand over the fretboard to find the right notes.

Even if your guitar is not in the same tuning as the song you are playing, it can still be adapted to fit the tuning. This is done by adjusting the string tension, which the tuning heads on your guitar can control. If the heads don’t adapt, you may need to change them or drill new holes so that the tension on the strings remains consistent. Some experts also recommend using electric guitars with locking tuners for better tuning stability.

String gauge: Should you upgrade or not

The string gauge is the thickness of the strings. The low F# string (the eighth string) is usually the thickest. String manufacturers make different thicknesses of strings to give different tones and tunings. If you don’t like the tone or tuning the manufacturer’s strings provide, you may need to upgrade to thicker or thinner strings.

Concluding it:

Consider the things we’ve highlighted in this article when looking for the best eight-string electric guitar. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be more likely to choose a durable instrument.

Eight-string guitars can be used for more than just rock music. You’ll see these guitars being used in many rock bands, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used by other musicians too. Jazz guitarists can use an eight-string guitar if they find one that adapts to their playing style.

Final Thoughts

All the eight-string options in this article can be used in different ways. You must choose the right one for your situation. Even guitars from the same brand can be different. They might work better for you, depending on what you need.

Therefore, it is best to try a guitar before ordering it. This will help you determine what qualities you will get and if they will fit your playing style. Some guitar shops allow buyers to connect their rigs with the guitar at the shop. This will give you a feel of what to expect from the instrument when you purchase it.

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