Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

Today we are going to review the best acoustic bass guitars. These guitars will help you sound better when playing acoustic bass. You will enjoy reading this review as we cover all acoustic bass guitars, whether you are an expert musician or a beginner!

Quick Picks: Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

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D’Angelico Premier Mott Acoustic-Electric Bass

Ibanez PCBE12MH-OPN Acoustic-Electric Bass

Martin BC-16E Acoustic Bass Guitar

Dean EAB

D’Angelico Premier Mott Acoustic-Electric Bass

The Mott model D’Angelico Premier Series is the best acoustic bass guitar available. This acoustic bass guitar is loved by players worldwide and comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

The body of this guitar is made from a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides, and back. The Grand Auditorium shape gives you a lot of sounds to choose from, and it is easy to hold because the bass rests nicely on your shoulders. High notes can be played without reaching around the guitar’s upper bout, thanks to the single-cutaway design.

This mahogany neck is in a C-shape. This makes it comfortable and easy to play for long periods. It is also very strong and stable. The fingerboard is made from Sonokeling, which makes it smooth and easy to play on.

The Fishman Pesys+preamp system is one of the best acoustic bass guitars available. It has a 3-band EQ, chromatic tuner, and phase filter to help reduce feedback issues.


  • Shaped like a grand auditorium for maximum volume and resonance
  • Grover Super-Rotor tuning instruments
  • Preamplifier system with a phase filter by Fishman


  • No casing or gig back included.

Ibanez PCBE12MH-OPN Acoustic-Electric Bass

Ibanez is known for making great quality instruments. This acoustic bass guitar is perfect for someone who wants a good quality instrument without spending too much money. It has many of the features found on more expensive models, so it’s a great value for the price.

This acoustic bass is unique because it is made from Sapele wood. Sapele is not a common type of wood for acoustic basses, but the result is good. The tone is balanced and warm, and the sustain is rich. The Grand Concert body shape makes it easy to play standing up or sitting down.

A great tone can be produced using the Ibanez under-saddle pickup and AEQ202T preamp at home, on stage, or in the studio. The chromatic tuner is handy and easy to use, so you can quickly adjust your tuning.


  • Excellent setup and value right out of the box.
  • The tone “open pore” finish improves the tone.
  • 2-band EQ and high-quality audio using the AEQ202T preamp


  • Unplugged volume could be louder
  • It might be too low for heavy-handed players

Martin BC-16E Acoustic Bass Guitar

One of the best acoustic bass guitars is the Martin BC-16E. Though a little is more expensive, it is still worthwhile. It is a little more expensive, but it is worth the price. This guitar has a great tone and is made with all-solid tonewoods. East Indian rosewood serves as both the back and sides of the guitar, which has a Sitka spruce body.

The Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 pickups give your bass a natural sound that isn’t changed by amplification. This is fantastic if you want to preserve the purity of the sound while recording or performing. The cutaway body also gives you access to the upper frets, which can be helpful if your hands are small.

The Martin BC-16E acoustic bass guitar is perfect for anyone who wants a good-quality, playable instrument. It may be more expensive than some other acoustic bass guitars. Still, it is worth the investment in terms of sound and quality.


  • Superb tone
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Natural bass sound with amplification


  • Pricey for an acoustic bass guitar

Dean EAB

If you’re on a tight budget, the Dean EAB is the best acoustic bass guitar. Although it cannot be compared to models that cost more money, it still offers excellent value for the money. The body is spruce on top and mahogany on the back and sides. The building is surprisingly sturdy, and the sound is rich compared to other inexpensive options. The mahogany resonates well with the low frequencies, while the spruce top of the Dean EAB has a nice resonance towards the high and mid frequencies. A Balsamo fretboard and solid mahogany construction make up the neck.

The Dean EAB is a great acoustic bass guitar with a Dean passive pickup. You can control the volume and treble on this guitar. This is a feature you don’t usually see on guitars in this price range. You also get the DMT-G03 preamp which is good. It has features that are found on more expensive guitars. In conclusion, this guitar has everything you need to get started, and it’s a great value for the price.


  • Impressive features at a very low cost
  • Solid mahogany neck
  • Strong string stability


  • The guitar nut is made of a low-cost synthetic material, which causes some buzz.
  • The built-in tuner is not precise.

Cordoba Mini II EB-E Acoustic Bass Guitar

Travel is made easy with the Cordoba Mini II EB-E Acoustic Bass Guitar. It is a lightweight and compact model with the same sound quality as other guitars in the Cordoba family.

Spruce makes up the top of the Mini II EB-E bass guitar, which has dark ebony for the sides and back. The fact that it is smaller but still produces a deep, rich sound surprised me. A composite fingerboard with 19 frets is on the mahogany neck. The bass guitar has a chic appearance thanks to the satin polyurethane finish.

The Cordoba Mini II EB-E has great onboard electronics. This includes a Cordoba MB103 pickup with a full bass tone without much adjustment and a tuner. The instrument is also of great quality, even though it is small.


  • enough to feel and sound like a full-sized bass
  • Small and lightweight
  • A distinct and clean tone


  • Some bassists might find 19 frets to be insufficient.
  • Will quickly grow out of


The Fender acoustic bass guitar is a high-quality instrument. It is made from materials that are known for being good. The FA-450CE acoustic bass has a fat sound and natural tonal qualities. It also has a traditional look.

The FA-450CE has a maple top and mahogany sides and back. The neck is made of mahogany, and you’ll find 20 Laurel frets on the fretboard. The cutaway design makes it easy to reach the lowest part of the neck.

This guitar’s internal electronics include a Fishman preamp with volume, bass, and treble controls. You can change the tonal frequencies to suit your requirements, which is great for getting the sound you want. Additionally, you receive a preamp from the Fishman brand with a 2-band EQ and great sound when plugged in. Suppose you need to make an immediate adjustment or completely change the tuning. In that case, the integrated tuner and battery indicator are helpful.

The FA-450CE is a low-cost Fender model that excels in every way, making it the best acoustic bass guitar available for less than $500.


  • A lot of bang for the buck
  • Stunning flame maple top with sunburst finish
  • The Fishman preamp is top-notch


  • No protective case or gigbag included

Taylor GS Mini-e

Acoustic bass guitars are usually big and chunky. Still, the Taylor GS Mini-e has a scale length of 23.5 inches – 10 inches shorter than the average full-size bass guitar scale. This makes it more comfortable and playable while giving you all of Taylor’s high-quality features.

The GS Mini-e has a solid Sitka spruce top. It also has layered Sapele sides and back. The heel, neck, and headstock are made of Sapele too. The fingerboard is ebony with 20 frets. Everything feels durable, and there are no cheap plastics. Sapele is a good choice for the tonewood because it sounds similar to more expensive mahogany.

The Taylor ES-B onboard electronics bass guitar is a good option for people starting on the bass guitar and those needing a portable and fun short-scale bass guitar. The preamp features volume and tone controls powered by two CR2032 batteries.


  • Delivers a surprisingly convincing bass tone from a small package
  • Delivers a surprisingly convincing bass tone from a small package
  • High-quality and portable build
  • The D’Addario strings are great


Ovation Elite TX Mid-Depth

The Ovation Elite TX Mid Depth acoustic bass guitar is known for its unique design and signature Lyrachord round-back. This acoustic bass guitar has a AA spruce top with shallow composite on the sides and back. The textured satin back finish gives it a nice look. The 34” maple neck has a stained rosewood fingerboard, and the nice cutaway makes all the high notes easily accessible.

The Elite TX, Mid Depth guitar from Ovation, has always been a top priority for the company. This guitar features the OP Pro series preamp with a three-band EQ for lows, mids, and highs. The preamp also has an EQ bypass switch, enabling easy access to a natural bass sound without processing.

This unique build changes the ergonomics of the Elite TX Mid Depth and the overall sound it produces. The sound is surprisingly loud compared to other acoustic bass guitars I’ve tried. The playability feels more like an electric bass.


  • Sleek and sharp aesthetic design
  • Lyrachord round back offers great playability and comfort
  • Great tonal capabilities with the OP Pro series preamp


  • Have to buy a separate gig bag or hard case
  • Everyone might not prefer Ovation’s unique sound

Fender Kingman V2 Acoustic Bass Guitar

The Fender Kingsman V2 has a stylish construction and a warm natural tone. The most striking aspect is the slim-taper mahogany Fender Jazz Bass neck. The ‘four-in-line’ headstock design reminds me of the ones featured in Fender’s classical electric guitars. This bass also has a high-output bridge pickup that gives you plenty of power and punches when needed.

The Kingsman V2 bass guitar has a spruce top and mahogany sides. It has a gloss black finish that makes it look good. The Auditorium shape makes it easy and fun to play. The walnut fretboard has 20 frets and feels soft and comfortable when playing.

The Kingman V2 acoustic bass guitar is a great choice for anyone looking for an amplified tone. This guitar comes with a Fishman pickup and preamp, which gives you great control over your sound. You can adjust the tone with the 3-band EQ controls, volume controls, notch, brilliance, and phase controls.

The Kingman V2 is a great acoustic bass guitar because it has a classic Fender style and a warm woody tone. It is available at a reasonable price.


  • A thin neck that is smooth for those with smaller fingers
  • Great intonation out-of-the-box
  • Great flexibilities with the Fishman pickup and preamp


  • Small knobs on the EQ

Fender Cb-60sce Beginner Acoustic-Electric Beginner Bass Guitar

You should start by learning how to play bass on an acoustic guitar. But this bass guitar is better than that. It has a solid spruce top, back, and sides made of Mahogany. It also has a tapered easy-to-play neck with a rolled fingerboard. This bass guitar is attractive too!

Acoustic 6-string guitars often get their overall tone from the top end. Acoustic bass guitars cannot do that as often. So they will usually sound similar. The quality of the string can make a slight difference, but the construction will have the most significant impact.

The size of an orchestral bass or cello’s body makes their sound so big. That’s why you can’t have a small bass guitar on your lap or around your neck- it just won’t make enough noise. Fender works hard to ensure that their acoustic bass guitars will give you a big sound. Even though they are acoustic, they still have the bottom four strings, an octave lower than a regular 6-string guitar.


  • Easy to play.
  • Well made and is attractive to the eye.
  • Delivers a simple but nice tone.
  • Competitive price.


  • Rather quiet when used with no amplification.

Takamine Gb30ce Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Takamine makes good-quality guitars. They also make Acoustic-Electric bass guitars. This one has Mahogany for the back and sides with a spruce top. This is an effective combination that will probably result in positive outcomes. The rosewood fingerboard is completely accessible thanks to the deep cutaway. Its neck is made of Mahogany.

The build of this guitar is perfect. You would expect this from a respected guitar manufacturer. The materials are high quality, and everything fits well. Impressive deep-frequency resonance is present, and the top-end twang is still audible.

The TK-40B preamp provides excellent electric power for your instrument. With this, you can control the volume, mid-shift, bass boost, and three-band EQ. The controls are conveniently located on the top edge. This guitar will impress you, mainly because it has a synthetic bone for the nut and saddle and pearl dot inlays on the fingerboard.

This bass guitar sounds good acoustically, but it is quite quiet. When amplified, the sound is good with a “bass” feel. It would be easier to beat this bass guitar if placed in the right environment. Remember that this bass guitar is expensive; you get what you pay for.


  • Well made and looks good.
  • Creates good resonant bass sounds.
  • Easy to play and control.


  • Quite expensive

Gold Tone 4 String Bass Guitar Mbass-25

This bass guitar looks like it was made for a specific group of people. We’ll explain why in a bit.

Gold Tone is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of bass guitars, but they have created an instrument with the Mass-25 worth looking at.

They used the dreadnought style from their “6-string” medium and constructed the guitar around it.

The deep body shape of this bass guitar will add natural resonance. They have also added a cutaway that gives access to the high frets. This is important because the scale of this bass guitar is shorter, at twenty-five and a half inches.

Some people think that short-scale basses are not real bass guitars. But many great players like Andy Fraser and Jack Bruce have used them. Short-scale basses have their place in the music world. If you’re a fan of them, then you’ll appreciate them.

This instrument offers ease of playing style, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The build of this instrument is high quality, and the die-cast tuners make it easy to tune and keep in tune.

Silicone rubber strings are a new idea. People have used them before on guitars, but they offer a different sound. They are loud and have a massive bottom end. They also bend well. Not everyone will like them, but they are worth trying out.

The electric guitar has a volume, bass, treble control, and an onboard tuner.

If you still need to look at it, take a look. It might surprise you.

It comes with a gig bag.


  • Well made and looks good.
  • Plays easily.
  • Quite loud before amplification with a good bottom end.


  • Rubber strings make it hard to tune and won’t be to everyone’s taste.
  • Quite expensive.

Best Choice Products 22-Fret Full-Size Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

This acoustic-electric bass is a high-quality instrument made by Sky Enterprises. It is positioned at the higher end of the pricing scale. The body, top, back, neck, and sides are made from Mahogany. It has chrome die-cast tuners, a glossy black or blue finish, and tasteful decor around the soundhole. The preamp controls bass, middle, and treble as sliders, volume, and presence control.

This acoustic bass guitar is different from other guitars because it has a truss rod. This means that you can adjust the tension on the strings, which helps the guitar stay in tune. The controls are easy to reach on the top edge of the body. We were surprised by how well it plays, especially for its price.

The action on this guitar is smooth and easy to play. You can also adjust it to suit your taste. There is little or no fret buzz, and the neck is comfortable. The acoustic sound is surprising and precise, and you’ll be able to make it sound good when amplified too.

This bass is better than the more expensive models, but it is still a good value for the money. It would be a good choice for a beginner or child.


  • Well made with a nice finish.
  • Plays very easily.
  • Great value for money.


  • Some may not consider it suitable for live work.

Boulder Creek Guitars Ebr1-Tb4 4-Strings Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

It has a standard construction with mahogany sides and back. The spruce top is also solid. Additionally, it has a single cutaway which gives access to the 22-fret fingerboard. This allows you to play the bass guitar up to the higher notes.

The AB4-T preamp supplies your guitar’s electrics and controls for treble, bass, middle, and presence. This gives you a lot of options for sound adjustment. There is also a handy onboard tuner and a phase switch to control feedback on stage.

One issue with acoustic basses you must recognize is their volume. They are quieter than other instruments, like orchestral double basses. They can be harder to hear without amplification in a room or performance setting.

This guitar is not as loud as a drummer, even a quiet drummer.

One way to make the guitar louder is to put two sound holes.

The idea is that people will have more acoustic volume with this guitar. It is a new idea, so you will have to try it to see if it works.

The guitar is costly, so sit down when checking the price.


  • Nice jumbo size.
  • Made from good materials.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Jumbo size may make it awkward to play and handle.

Fender CB-60SCE

Fender is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world. They make some trendy and well-known electric bass guitars and guitars. The Fender Precision bass is one of their most popular products. They also make some great beginner and intermediate guitars that are well-made and affordable. Their guitars are easy to play, making them a good choice for new guitarists.

The “Easy to Play” neck refers to the bass guitar’s neck on the CB-60SCE acoustic model. You can maneuver the fretboard more easily thanks to the tapered neck’s slimmer profile without your hands feeling too big or awkward.

The CB-60SCE has a stand-out design feature: the solid spruce top. Solid woods make a guitar sound better, and it will also get better with age. You get a bass guitar that is snappy and dynamic, with good projection and a pleasing full mid-range warmth, when you combine the Mahogany back and sides.

Most acoustic bass guitars aren’t thunderous when played without bass amplifiers, which is one of their drawbacks. There is no distinction between that and this Fender bass.

Use the Fishman Classic Electronics to get the most out of this acoustic bass. This will ensure that people understand you clearly. Classic electronics preserve the low strings’ powerful bass sound. However, the high strings have a bit of quickness when using a piezo pickup.

 You must purchase a gig bag if you want to transport this acoustic-electric bass guitar with you wherever you go. The Fender CB-60SCE is a well-made acoustic bass guitar that is reasonably priced and should last for years.


  • The neck is made to be simple for beginners to play.
  • The solid spruce top will sound even better with age.
  • The comfortable body design isn’t overly bulky in your arms
  • If you decide you don’t like playing the instrument, Fenders have a high resale value.


  • The guitar doesn’t come with a gig bag
  • Although the onboard electronics are functional, they still lack a little “quickness” in the high-end.

Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 Port Java

Michael Kelly guitars are less popular than Fender, Ibanez, Taylor, and Martin brands. But they are still good guitars. You should consider Michael Kelly guitars when looking for the best acoustic bass guitar.

Michael Kelly started making mandolins and acoustic bass guitars because they recognized a need in the market for contemporary, cutting-edge instruments in these genres.

Acoustic bass guitars can be difficult to play because low frequencies need to project better. For those who want to feel the intense energy of their playing through an amplifier, this can be a problem. The Dragonfly 5 Port by Michael Kelly Java resolves this issue by removing a bass port from the guitar’s top. This makes the guitar louder and better able to project bass frequencies.

The Dragonfly 5-Port acoustic bass guitar is unique because it is made from a different type of wood than most other acoustic bass guitars. This wood combination makes the guitar sound balanced, complete, and articulate. The slim C-neck design will feel comfortable for any modern bass guitar player.

This acoustic bass guitar sounds great when you plug it in. The Fishman Presys+ Bass with Sonicore pickup and Endpin Jack gives your plugged-in tone a great sound. You can also use the built-in tuner, phase control, and equalizer section to ensure your tone is right.

The Dragonfly 5 Port acoustic-electric bass guitar is a fantastic option for acoustic players. It has beautiful inlays and is made with high-quality materials. However, it does have some drawbacks. It doesn’t come with a gig bag, so you’ll have to buy one separately. It’s also not as affordable as other options, so keep that in mind if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for an excellent boutique-style bass guitar without spending too much money, the Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 Port Java is a great option that will last for years.


  • The guitar’s top has a cut-out bass port that gives the player more resonance and bass projection.
  • Balanced, full-sounding, and articulate sound whether playing acoustic or plugged-in
  • Incredibly playable
  • Boutique quality for mid-tier price


  • Not every player will like the intricate fingerboard inlays and body design.
  • It doesn’t come with a case

Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic Bass

The Guild Jumbo Junior is a miniature, acoustic-electric bass guitar that retains the iconic design and tone of the original Jumbo.”

Players with small hands or those who primarily play the electric guitar should consider the Guild Jumbo Junior acoustic bass guitar. This bass guitar has an arched back, flamed maple sides, and a solid Sitka spruce top. This tonewood combination gives the guitar a double bass sound that nicely sits in folk-rock and acoustic mix.

The Guild electric guitar has a shorter scale length than most standard electric guitars. This makes it more comfortable and intimate to hold and reduces the amount of string tension, making it easier on your hands when fretting notes.

The Guild also has a few excellent design components that you typically need to see. Both the bridge saddle and the neck nut have natural bone nuts. This makes the amplified sound more accurate and lively while also assisting in making the guitar’s resonance more prosperous and consistent.

The Guild Jumbo Junior has Guild AP-1 Active Piezo pickups, which produce a fantastic sound when the guitar is plugged in.

One downside of the Guild Jumbo Junior acoustic guitar is that it doesn’t have as much sustain as a full-scale bass guitar. You’ll need to purchase a gig bag separately because this particular guitar doesn’t have one. The Guild Jumbo Junior is a great option if you’re looking for the best acoustic bass guitar for small hands, traveling, or playing at home.


  • For those with smaller hands or who prefer a more effortless playing experience for the fretting hand, the shorter scale length is ideal.
  • You’ll love the rich resonance of the amplified sound
  • This guitar’s high-quality design sets it apart.
  • This Guild acoustic bass is easy to play.


  • Lacks the sustain you would get from a full-scale guitar
  • It doesn’t come with a gig bag

ESP LTD TL4 Thinline

ESP is a famous brand of electric and bass guitars that are known for being very high quality. They make shreddable guitars that are perfect for metal musicians. However, including an acoustic bass guitar on this list might need to be put in the right place for some people.

The ESP LTD TL4 Thinline acoustic bass guitar differs from other acoustic bass guitars. It is a Thinline acoustic bass, which means the unplugged acoustic tone will not be as good. This isn’t it if you want an acoustic bass to sound full and satisfying on the couch.

However, the Thinline body becomes a huge asset when plugged into guitar amplifiers because it’s less prone to feedback. The ESP LTD TL4 is also constructed from a laminated Spruce top and mahogany body.

Solid wood guitars are much more delicate, even though most people prefer solid wood for acoustic instruments due to their superior tone. However, laminated construction is a better choice than solid wood acoustic guitars when looking for an acoustic bass guitar that is robust enough to be used for performances and tours.

This guitar has a Thin-U Mahogany neck and a roasted jatoba fingerboard. This makes it fast and comfortable to play. It also comes with 22 Jumbo frets, making it easy to play intricate bass runs and short melodies. The lightweight design (8 lbs) offers hours of comfort while playing gigs. The TL4 also comes equipped with a Fishman Sonicore bridge pickup with 3-band EQ and a built-in tuner.

The plugged-in tone of this guitar is very balanced and dynamic. It is a tremendous acoustic-electric bass guitar for many different types of music, including jazz, folk, and rock. The flexibility of this guitar also makes it a good choice for gigging musicians. However, the TL4 does not come with a gig bag, so you need to factor that into your purchase price. Additionally, the lack of volume, treble, and bass controls could limit players who want to be able to tweak their sound.

If you are a musician and need to play gigs, the ESP LTD TL4 Thinline acoustic bass guitar is a great choice. It is durable and very comfortable to play, which is important when you have to play many shows in a row.


  • This acoustic bass guitar is less prone to feedback when playing on stage
  • The TL4 is lightweight and comfortable to play
  • Your fans will love the rich, full sound of the TL4
  • You’ll be able to gig and tour with confidence, knowing your guitar is built to last


  • It doesn’t come with a gig bag
  • The lack of controls may be limiting for some players

Ibanez AEGB24E

Ibanez is known for making electric guitars that are great for shredding. They also make acoustic guitars that are good for beginner and intermediate players.

The Ibanez AEGB24E acoustic-electric bass guitar has a thin body design made from Sapele. Sapele gives a round warmth to the tone that is great for making the dynamics of your playing more even. This is a massive benefit for fingerstyle players playing faster bass runs, as individual notes won’t get lost in your playing. Hardwood also helps project the acoustic tone, which is a challenge with other acoustic-electric bass guitars.

This acoustic bass guitar has a shorter scale length (32.09″), making the guitar have less string tension. This makes the strings feel more “slinky” and bendable. It also puts less pressure on the fretting hand, making playing easier for long periods.

Ibanez has added a thumb rest at the top of this acoustic bass guitar, which adds comfortability and playability for fingerstyle bass playing. This detail is a huge plus for players to help with their control and technique, making this guitar an excellent option for beginners and intermediate players.

The Ibanez AEGB24E has some drawbacks. The hardware and bridge/nut material could be of better quality. To get the most out of this guitar, replace these parts with higher-quality ones. This acoustic bass guitar does not come with a gig bag, so you must factor this into your purchase price.

However, if you are a beginner or intermediate bass player looking for a great fingerstyle acoustic bass, the Ibanez AEGB24E is one you want to pay attention to.


  • Sapele wood provides rich and warm acoustic tones
  • Thumb rest increases comfortability and playability
  • The shorter scale length makes the strings feel slinky and easy to bend
  • This bass guitar is effortless to play


  • Low-quality components, such as the plastic bridge and nut
  • It doesn’t come with a gig bag

What is an Acoustic Bass Guitar

An acoustic bass guitar might be a good choice if you don’t want an amplifier. Without using electricity, the sound is created by the vibrating strings. The guitar’s body is often bigger than acoustic guitars, and the strings are thicker and heavier. Like a traditional electric bass guitar, most acoustic basses have pickups to amplify and be heard better.

Differences Between Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitars

There are many differences between electric and acoustic guitars. Electric guitars have a different construction, use different strings, and produce a different sound than acoustic guitars. However, suppose you are skilled at playing the electric bass guitar. In that case, you can easily pick up the acoustic bass and start jamming.

Body Construction

Acoustic bass guitars are similar to 6-string acoustic guitars in that they have a body made of a big wood ‘box.’ When a string is plucked, its vibration goes through the bridge and into the body, vibrating the air. The soundhole enhances the vibrations and enables the acoustic guitar to produce a pleasing sound to the ear.

Neck Construction

Most acoustic bass guitars have necks attached to the body using a dovetail joint. This type of joint is strong and helps to keep the neck in place. Acoustic bass guitars also have thicker necks than electric bass guitars. This can be a challenge for beginners, but it is worth it because acoustic basses have a richer sound. Electric bass guitars often use multi-ply laminate construction. Still, acoustic bass guitars have solid necks that feel more stable and create more vibrations and resonance.

Acoustic Bass Strings

Bass strings are a big decision. You have to choose the right string for your personal preference. String sets come in different thicknesses. Heavier strings create more powerful tones, but they are harder to play. Acoustic bass guitars use heavy string gauges because they need more sustain and volume than electric bass guitars.


Electric bass guitars usually have two pickups. You can control how much sound the pickups make by turning the knobs. The knobs let you change the master volume, the tone, and how much the pickups blend.

Acoustic bass guitars have a different sound than electric basses. They usually don’t have as many capabilities to change the tone of the sound. Usually, they have a ‘piezo’ setup. This is where there is a piece that goes between the bridge and the body of the guitar. The piezo makes it so that when the string vibrates, it turns into an electric signal that goes straight into a preamp. The preamp usually has tonal controls like EQ, volume, and tuner.

Choosing the Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

It is important to buy the best acoustic bass guitar that you can afford. This way, you will have a better quality instrument that will last longer and sound better. You may sacrifice some features if you buy a cheaper guitar, but it is worth it.

The following are some features you may want to consider when buying an acoustic bass guitar:

A Solid Top

Acoustic bass guitars can have either solid wood or a laminate top. Laminates are thin pieces of plywood, and theyThe main advantage is that they are cheaper. However, many times the tone of the instrument will suffer because they’re not solid wood. The best acoustic bass guitars–exhibiting superior tonal qualities–are made with entirely solid wood, such as Sapele. forMake sure to check out great examples like Ibanez’s PCBE12MH-OPN, which has a top, back, and sides of the body without breaking your budget.

Preamp With Basic Tone Shaping Options

Every acoustic bass guitar in this review has a preamp device installed. This is significant because it allows you to modify the sound. Some are more advanced, with more features like a multi-band EQ, chromatic tuner, or phase filters.

An experienced bass player might want guitars with more advanced tonal shaping capabilities, found in more premium models. All you need at the beginner level is a volume knob and a tone knob.

Sure, it’s nice to have a built-in tuner, but you could get by with a separate bass tuner designed for tuning bass guitars.

Playability and Comfort

The most important thing for every instrument is how comfortable it is to play. It doesn’t matter how great your acoustic bass guitar sounds if you don’t enjoy playing it. Make sure that the frets’ edges are smooth and don’t stick out past the edge of the neck. This will make it more comfortable to play.

Some acoustic bass guitars have high string tension that is difficult to play. You will need Superman’s hand and finger strength to play the notes properly. However, every item in this review has great comfort and playability, including the most inexpensive model Dean EAB.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

Is there such a thing as an acoustic bass guitar?

The acoustic bass guitar is a type of bass guitar that has a hollow wooden body. It is similar to the acoustic guitar, but it is usually bigger.

How do I choose an acoustic guitar bass?

No matter how good an acoustic bass guitar is, it’s not for everyone. You’ll need to consider a few things before you buy one.

  • The sound quality (both unplugged and amplified)
  • The finish (the build quality)
  • The electronics (tone shaping and sonic flexibility)

Does acoustic guitar sound good with bass?

An electric bass is usually different enough from an acoustic guitar to fit well. Still, the most important thing to consider is how well the tones of the bass fit with the guitar.

Which bass guitar is easiest to play?

Fender’s electric bass guitars are easier to play and transport than traditional upright basses. Electric bass guitars also produce a more substantial low-end rumble that fills the room better. Electric bass guitars are the best option for beginning rock and roll players.

Why is bass harder than guitar?

Because it requires more physical effort, playing the bass can be more painful than playing the guitar. The bass has a longer neck, thicker strings, and larger frets. This means you need more strength/pressure to press the bass strings against the fret.

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