The Best Electric Violin

Suppose you are a violin player or want to take up the instrument. In that case, it is important to find the best electric violin. The good news is that there are many great options out there! This article will break down all of your choices and help you decide which one will be perfect for your needs.

Electric Violin: What is it?

Acoustic violins are well-known for having a bridge, utilizing strings, and employing a bow. Electric violins, on the other hand, are somewhat of a mystery. “Does it make noise?” people wonder. “Can you play your violin normally using silent equipment?” or simply “what is an electric violin?”

The answer to those questions is no and yes, respectively. But let’s look closer.

An electric violin is like an acoustic violin. The bridge, strings, tuning pegs, bow, and fingerboard are the same. But the body and electronics are different.

Some people think that an electric violin has different strings than a regular one. But they do not need to be different, as you can use normal violin strings on both an electric and acoustic violin.

The electronics themselves are similar to an electric guitar. The sound is transferred from analog to digital. Then it can be played through a portable amplifier.

Now it should be noted that although electric violins are often called silent violins, they do make a tiny noise.

However, the sound that comes out of the amplifier will not be quiet. Some professional electric violins have built-in amps to make them louder and improve their quality.

Usually, there is a small knob that you turn to adjust the volume. That is not to say that “pure electric” violins are the only ones out there. You can get acoustic-electric violins too.

Quick Picks: The Best Electric Violin

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Crescent EV

Violin Smart EV20

Merano MVE10

Cecilio CEVN

Best Electric Violin Review

Now that you know the basics of an electric violin, which one should you buy? Although some professional violinists might have a favorite type, listening to them is unnecessary. The best thing is to be affordable and comfortable. As a result, you should consider the price of a beginning violin and how it feels to play. A cheaper electric violin might be easier on your wallet but more difficult on your hands or elbows. There are lots of different kinds of violins. Some violins are cheaper, and others are more expensive. You can get a beginner violin for $200, or you might want to buy a more fancy violin that costs more than $2000.

Just because a violin is expensive or cheap does not mean you should get it. You need to look at what the violin offers and how it feels before deciding if you want to buy one. Some violins have a speaker and electricity. Some of these violins are good for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. Some electric violin reviews are arranged below in a low-to-high price range to help you decide.

Crescent EV

The Crescent EV is a good electric violin for beginners. It is affordable, comes in different colors, and has a good sound. This is an excellent beginner violin for someone who does not want to play the violin with strings. You can find this at a lower price than other violins.

This electric violin is one of the best beginner violins. It is affordable and easy to play. This violin comes in different colors, making it awesome for young students. If you want to buy an electric violin, this is the best choice. It is cheap, and you can use it for experiments or for your child to start playing a violin.

Violin Smart EV20

This ViolinSmart EV20 is a low-cost violin that has colors and sounds. It also has a headphone jack, which means you can play music for yourself. It’s lightweight and comes with a bag for storage. For under $100, you can buy an electric violin for a student. It is good for experimentation because it is affordable and not as high quality as a professional violin. If you are a beginner violin player or play experimental music, the ViolinSmart EV20 is an excellent choice. It costs little, and it’s an affordable price.

The tone on this cheap electric violin is not good. But it is better than the price you pay for it, so overall it’s a good choice if you want to practice and experiment with an electric violin.

Merano MVE10

Merano is a famous and well-respected violin company. They make really great violins. They can be found for under $200, so they are still one of the best intermediate electric violins on the market. 

The body of this violin is made from wood, which makes it feel like real wood. Some electric violins do not feel like they are made of wood. This violin has many accessories and extras for beginners and intermediate players alike. Overall, there is no reason for someone learning to play the electric violin to not get this violin. You are paying less than you would for other not as good violins. This is probably the best violin that you could buy at this price.

The Merano E-VIOLIN is a fantastic electric violin for under $200 since the manufacturer promises that their instruments are of good enough quality to play them.

Cecilio CEVN

One of the newer brands on the violin market is Cecilio. This company makes acoustic violins and also electric violins. The CEVN-2 is an example of a good electric violin by this company.

This violin has a maple body and is decorated with a mother of pearl. The fittings are made from ebony. It cost just over $100, so it’s no surprise that this violin made our list of best electric violins. One of the most popular violins for new students is this one. It comes in many colors and styles, too. This makes it unique for violinists who like to play electric instruments. This is a great violin for anyone who wants to practice at home. The headphones will help you if you are practicing in a public place. Cecilio provides quality violins that come with a 1-year guarantee at an affordable price.

Cecilio CEVN

One of the newer brands on the violin market is Cecilio. This company makes acoustic violins and also electric violins. The CEVN-2 is an example of a good electric violin by this company.

This violin has a maple body and is decorated with a mother of pearl. The fittings are made from ebony. It cost just over $100, so it’s no surprise that this violin made our list of best electric violins. One of the most popular violins for new students is this one. It comes in many colors and styles, too. This makes it unique for violinists who like to play electric instruments. This is a great violin for anyone who wants to practice at home. The headphones will help you if you are practicing in a public place. Cecilio provides quality violins that come with a 1-year guarantee at an affordable price.

Kinglos Colored

Kinglos is a modern violin company. They are known for their one-of-a-kind violins. Because of the special paint jobs, these are referred to as electric violins.

This violin costs less than $200 and is affordable for trying an electric viola. It has a pick that helps amplify sound, which is great for playing with others. The body of this instrument is made from spruce which gives it a unique tone. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a Kinglos electric violin. The paintwork is good quality, so the instrument’s sound doesn’t change when you play it. These electric violins are really beautiful because they look like real instruments. Electric violins, in other words, are just as concerned with tone and usefulness as they are with appearance and showiness.

Stagg EVN

Stagg is one of the best electric violin brands. They have been since they started. This is because people like them and they are good for students to learn.

Stagg’s violins have a good “quality to price” ratio. This is great because the quality of the electric violins is just as high as in their acoustic ones. The EVN Silent Violin from Stagg has a maple body. It comes with a 2-band equalizer, not found on cheaper electric violins. It also has a hard case so that your instrument is not damaged when you move it.

The Stage EVN Silent Violin is a great way to make your violin playing sound better. The 2-band equalizer and headphones let you change the violin’s tone to make it sound like anything you want.

Cremona SV-180E

Cremona violins are very popular violin makers. They make student violins, and their sound quality is good. They have been around for 30 years, and we should mention them in this article about electric violins.

With the SV-180E, there is no difference. It has a unique hardwood body which sounds better than electric violins with plastic bodies. Another uniqueness is that it has a rosewood neck rather than the standard ebony or spruce.

Many violin teachers say you can’t go wrong with a Cremona. In this case, it’s true. It is expensive for beginners or people who want to experiment with playing the violin. But it is a good choice for an intermediate violin player who wants a richer, meatier tone to their playing.

Fender FV-1

When someone says “Fender instruments,” you think they are talking about guitars. But the Fender FV-1 is one of the most popular electric violins on the market (after Yamaha SV-130).

Why is it the case? Fender specializes in electric guitars, which means that the pickups are designed. The pickup is positioned below the bridge for improved tone clarity and aesthetics on an electric violin.

This violin is popular because it looks like an acoustic-electric violin. It has strung like an acoustic violin, but it has pickups on the sides instead of a hollow frame.

This electric violin sounds good, has a good appearance, and is affordable. This violin can be a great option for someone who wants an electric violin or to upgrade from an acoustic one.

Bunnel Edge

A violin that costs less than $500 is the Bunnel Edge Electric Violin. It includes everything. You also get an amp, strings, and rosin.

If you are thinking about being an electric violinist, this one is for you. The best thing about it is the ceramic pickup. It will give you the best tone and clarity possible.

If you want an electric violin that will take you to the next stage and beyond, then you should think about this electric violin. The pickup is great, and the tone is good as an intermediate-to-advanced electric violin.

This will work for you if you are an experimental musician with a deeper pocket than the average person. It has all the tools to explore sounds and effects that can be done using an electric violin.

Barcus Berry Vibrato

Barcus Berry is an electric violin company, but they are not as popular as bigger names. They provide high-quality violins for people who play them well. They are made in Romania. This violin is different from the other electric violins because it is not steel or hard material. It is made of wood and has pickups inside. Because of this, you can hear the sound very clearly and have a cool tone.

This violin is expensive, but if you want a good one, this is the one to get. It comes in many colors and has a fiberglass bow and piezo violin pickup.

This is not a beginner electric violin, but it is the best acoustic-electric violin that you can get. It can be played with or without an amplifier. If you are looking for a violin, you should seriously consider this one.

Phoenix Performer

This violin is made for on-stage electric violinists, performers, and musicians. Phoenix isn’t a well-known violin manufacturer either, but the quality of this instrument speaks for itself.  It is an electric violin with a slim design. It’s slimmer than most electric violins. It comes in black or pink, but it also has other color variations.

This violin has a special tailpiece made out of carbon fiber. It has many inputs and outputs for listening to music. If you use this, your songs will sound really good. You can listen to it with headphones or speakers.

The only major drawback is the cost, typical for most high-end electric violins. However, this violin is the crowning achievement of any and all musicians, which means it’s the finest electric violin for professionals without a doubt.

Yamaha SV-130

The greatest company in contemporary violin making is undoubtedly Yamaha, and we’d be remiss not to mention it. It’s no surprise that the Yamaha SV-130 made this list of electric violin reviews since it’s a household name among violin teachers everywhere. It is undoubtedly the most well-known electric violin in existence, and for a good reason.

This one is different because it combines the tone and warmth of an acoustic violin with the benefits you get from playing a silent violin.

It has a maple neck and spruce frame, and an ebony fingerboard. It also features a reverb knob on the output and an mp3 input. Although we could probably go on for many pages about this violin, we must keep it brief and to the point, like the first concert of a beginning violinist.

This is an electric violin that you would choose if you knew it would be the only one you’d ever play. It has the sound and components quality to outlast you, your family, and your grandchildren.

The quality of the violin goes with the price. It is best if you know that you want it. It might not be the most expensive Yamaha electric violin. Still, it is their best “beginner’s electric violin” in their electric violin range.

Aurora Electric Violin with LED

Although this electric violin isn’t for beginners, it is cool. It costs more at first, but you will find that it is worth the price.

The violin has a clear plastic body. The violin also has different colors of lights on it. You can choose the color you want, and the light will shine. This is good because people will see the violin better when on stage.

This guitar is made in Brazil, and it has knobs for how loud you want the sound to be. It also comes in two different sizes and 4 and 5 stringed guitars.

This electric violin is not for beginners or intermediate-level people. It is for advanced violinists and musicians who play on stage. The colors change, making the violin one-of-a-kind, which is worth the price for any musician who wants to stand out in a crowd.

Top 10 Best Electric Violin Reviews

Do you want to purchase an electric violin? Do you want to know which brands and models are the greatest, as well as what you should know before buying one? There are so many electric violins to choose from that might be intimidating.

However, to assist you in narrowing down your choices, we've put up a comprehensive electric violin buyer's guide to show you what to look for. We've also reviewed ten of the best electric violins currently on the market to help you find the one that's suitable for you. Let's get this party started.

1. Wood Violins Stingray Sv Series Electric Violin

Wood Violins is a great place to buy electric violins. They are a few shops specializing in electric violins, so you know their products are high quality. They were one of the first businesses to specialize in this sector, creating electric violins for over 25 years.

Electric cellos are now produced by the company. Some famous musicians have played their instruments, including Judy Kang from the Lady Gaga band, Alex DePue, and Mark O’Connor.

The Stingray SV Electric Violin Series is good for electric violins that look like axes. It is black and red and comes in four and five-string variants.

The Stingray SV Series has a powerful and great sound. Professionals can use this violin easily. This violin is not designed for amateurs, but the price tag is still very high for those with a budget.


  • Look unusual
  • Combinations of four and five strings.
  • Fantastic sound
  • Lightweight and wood construction.


  • Its high price
  • There is nothing special about the case

2. Kinglos Dsza1201 Solid Wood Intermediate-A Electric/Silent Violin Kit

Kinglos is another company that makes electric violins. They also make electric cellos and double basses. Plus, they make a lot of electric guitars. 

Kinglos is a Chinese company. Their full name is Shanghai Kinglos Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. They were founded in 2009, and their goal is to research, develop, design, and produce professional-level instruments for guitarists of all levels.

The Kinglos DSZA1292 Solid Wood Intermediate-A Electric/Silent Violin Kit is good for intermediate guitarists. Except for electric instrument music, it offers everything you would need. The package includes a case, an aux cable, a bow, a rest, a rosin, and a pair of strings.

The DSZA1291 is one of the many electrical violins on our list. It is made of composite and wood. You will have a lot of colors and design choices to pick from. It also comes with a pickup system for easy play.


  • Reasonable price.
  • It arrives quickly.
  • A host of options to select from.
  • Best for intermediate and newbies.


  • Produced and shipped from China.
  • Not contain the required 9-volt battery.

3. 4/4 Black Vangoa

The Vanhoa: Black Full-Size 4? 4 is an excellent alternative for beginners seeking an electric violin. This instrument is a perfect choice for individuals who are just getting started. It comes with all of the essential wires and a set of headphones so you may practice alone.

The Vango – Black Full Size 4/4 is available in black and is made of solid maple wood. It includes pegs, tailpiece, fingerboard, and chin rest. The chin rest and tailpiece also have the mother of pearls inlays for a stylish look.

The Vango – Black Full Size 4/4 violin has a battery that comes with it. The battery is a 9V battery. It also has an output jack. This lets you connect to guitar amps PA systems more easily. Plus, it has a headphone jack and a simple volume control dial. Another interesting thing about this violin is that you can even download a free app to help tune it. This makes it more convenient to use.


  • Nice design.
  • Perfect for newbies.


  • Not completely silent.

4. Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK

The Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK violin is expensive because it is classical and acoustic. It also has many special features that make it worth the price.

This electric violin is elegant and made in a leading Romanian workshop. Skilled, experienced artisans carefully and lovingly carved every part of the spruce and maple body.

The people who made the Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK violin care about the quality of their work. They make sure that every violin is perfect. The Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK has a spruce top, maple back and sides, and a German maple bridge. It also comes with a soft canvas cover, a fiberglass color fitting a bow, and American-made rosemary.

This electric violin comes in a wide range of colors, from the vibrant and vivid of Passion Pink to the smooth, refined elegance of Piona Black. You’ll receive a high-quality electric violin that was handcrafted and meticulously tested in a top New York store before being delivered to you.


  • Classical style
  • Driven by lithium batteries.
  • A host of colors to choose from.
  • Convenient weight and height.


  • Really expensive.

5. Yamaha YEV105NT

The Yamaha violin is wonderful, light, simple, and enjoyable to play. The creators designed it to have a clear sound that everyone will like. It is also easy to use – just plug it into an amplifier and enjoy.

Another great feature of this Yamaha YEV105NT 5-string violin is its appearance. This violin looks great and will make you sound fantastic wherever you play it. It is made of six different types of wood, which look good and make the sound perfect. Plus, it has five strings, which allow you to play lower notes than normal.

The Yamaha YEV105NT electric violin is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for an instrument that they will never get tired of playing or listening to. It sounds amazing and will always be in style.


  • 5-string violin.
  • Fantastic design.
  • Amazing sound.


  • Accessories are not included.

6. NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst

Many players prefer electric violins over acoustic violins because of the fun and funky designs possible with electric violins.

 Acoustic violins need a sound box, which means their body has to be shaped in a certain way. Electric violins do not need a soundbox, so producers and designers can experiment with all sorts of unusual shapes, textures, and ideas. If you enjoy distinctive looks, the NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst is the one for you.

This electric violin is unique and catches people’s attention. It is made with high-quality materials like maple wood. It has an ebony fingerboard which makes it easier to play. The tone quality is really good, so the price is high.

Any violinist looking for a simple instrument will appreciate the WAV 4 Violin Amberburst from NS Design. This violin has 40:1 ultra-precise fine tuners that automatically clamp the string and a polar directional piezo pickup feature, which gives you more flexibility. Another great feature of this violin is that it doesn’t require a battery, saving you time and money in the long run.


  • Eye-catching style.
  • No battery needed
  • Built to last.


  • Costly.

7. Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D

On our list, the Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D is the greatest electric violin. It is, without question, the most cost-effective instrument available. The body of this violin is made of maple and spruce, and it has a classic acoustic design and form. It has a hand-carved maple back, bottom, and side piece and is a 4/4 full-size violin.

The Mendini 4/4 MV500 + 92D has a fingerboard, tailpiece, and chinrest made of premium ebony. This makes it look and feel great. It also comes with a lightweight hard case, adjustable shoulder rest, a pair of bridges, and spare instrument strings. Plus, it runs on easy and inexpensive AAA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging it in the future.

This electric violin is incredibly beautiful to look at and too thrilling to play. It has a 1-year warranty, which is not maximum but still not bad. It also comes with a pair of beautiful Brazil wooden bows fitted with unbleached, genuine Mongolian horse hairs.


  • Retro and elegant style.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Using AAA batteries.
  • Best for new players.


  • Just one year warranty

8. Merano MVE10WT

The Merano MVE 10 WT is a good electric violin for the price. It has a simple look and white style. Players have commented that it can become dusty with time, although it is simple to clean and looks great when it is brand new. This full-size electric violin also has a unique, lightweight design that is visually appealing.

The Merano MVE 10 WT is designed to give you everything you need to begin playing the violin. It includes a full-size carrying case, so you can take your violin with you wherever you go without worrying about it getting damaged. It also comes with a high-quality bow and rosin and extra violin strings and cables. Plus, it’s operated by a 9V battery that contains a Brazil wooden bow.

The Merano MVE10WT electric violin is a great instrument. It is made of high-quality maple wood and ebony components. It also has a sturdy, versatile design that fits comfortably in your hands.


  • Included accessories.
  • Maple wood body.
  • Nice design.
  • Versatile.


  • It can get dirty.

9. Yamaha SV-200

For pros, this electric violin is an excellent alternative. It has all the features that make a great electric violin. Plus, it comes with a higher price tag.

The instrument design is simple and looks good. Spruce and maple make up the body. When you put this together, it makes the instrument sound even better. Gives the sound a strong tone with a lot of depth.

The instrument also has a black fingerboard and a maple bridge. But it’s not just the materials that make this instrument great. It’s the way they all fit together that makes this instrument so special. SV-200 is distinguished by its tone, design, and, above all, its build quality.

The two piezo pickups help reproduce even the slightest nuances in your dynamics. They also help get the best out of the instrument, pronouncing all the tonal characteristics of said materials.

The Yamaha SV-200 has an EQ control on its onboard preamp. This allows for some additional tone-shaping, making the instrument very versatile. The instrument also has two outputs: one for headphones and one for regular amplifiers or mixing boards.

This high-quality instrument covers all the important aspects of a good violin. If money is no object, this would be our top recommendation. However, we did not rank it number one because of its higher price. We would not recommend this instrument to most beginners or even intermediate violinists.


  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Material selection is excellent.
  • There are two piezo pickups.
  • There are two EQ presets available.
  • Electronics that are in use


  • Expensive
  • For most beginning and intermediate players, this is not the greatest option.

10. Yamaha YEV105BL

The Yamaha YEV105BL electric violin is a great choice for anyone looking for an instrument with a high price tag. This violin has excellent sound quality and comes in two color options: black or natural. The black variant is elegant and graceful. The natural option reveals the instrument’s clean, raw wood, giving it a distinct quality that many buyers appreciate. Meanwhile, this electric violin’s curved edges and distinctive shape make it one of the best-designed string instruments around.

The Yamaha YEV105BL electric violin is easy to use. There are no batteries, headphones, or preamps needed for this setup, making it quick and simple to use. It’s as simple as connecting it into an amplifier and starting to play.

The team that designed the Yamaha YEV105BL violin wanted to make a beautiful, easy-to-use instrument with a pure and clean sound. They succeeded with flying colors. The spruce, mahogany, and maple body, as well as the resin and composite components and lightweight design, contribute to this violin’s success in every category.


  • The shape and form factors are quite nice.
  • Lightweight
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • No batteries or preamps are required; simply plug and play.
  • A mixture of hardwoods making up the body


  • It may be too light for some
  • High price

How To Select Best Electric Violin

If you’re shopping for an electric violin, don’t buy the first one you come across. Electric violins come in different types and have different features. You need to find the perfect electric violin that you can use for a long time. You should feel relaxed when using it and performing with it.

It takes a long time to select the perfect electric violin. A wide range of variables must be taken into account. Your instrument’s body, fingerboard, chin, and tailpiece are crucial. However, you must consider the instrument’s size and weight and any additional characteristics it may have.


The frame of your electric violin is not as important as the acoustic violin’s body. The acoustic violin has a soundbox, which the electric violin does not. However, the electric violin’s body still affects how it plays, feels in your hands, and looks. Different materials can be used to make the electric violin’s body. Each type of material will affect the sound quality.


Your electric violin’s fingerboard is a critical component. It is usually made out of wood, and it goes from the neck to the strings. Fingerboards can also be made out of ebony. They make your electric violin look nicer and feel better when playing it.


In the violin, your chin rests on the chinrest. This lets you hold your jaw and head in place so you can play the violin easily. There are many different types of chinrests, and all musicians have their own favorites. The most important thing is to find a chinrest that feels secure, gentle, and smooth on your skin. It will be hard to play well if it’s uncomfortable or awkward to wear.


The violin’s tailpiece sits in the middle and helps keep the strings in place. It also attaches the strings to the body. It needs to be strong to handle the stress of the strings. We have chosen models with strong tailpieces for optimum performance in our list. Ebony is the most common material used, but other materials can also be used. Make sure the electric violin you choose has a durable and appealing tailpiece.


Although all violins have the same dimensions for concerts, people can choose different violins based on their own size and personal tastes. Some people prefer smaller violins that fit their bodies better, while others prefer larger versions.

Dimensions And Weight

Besides the size of your instrument, you also need to consider its weight. If you have to carry it around all day, you’ll get tired of a heavy instrument quickly. This is why many musicians prefer lightweight instruments.


An electric violin needs batteries or to be plugged in to generate sounds. You need to think about the strength of your instrument and make sure you have a good amplifier.


If you’re buying an electric violin, it’s always a good idea to have a warranty. These tools aren’t cheap, and even if you take care of them, things can go wrong over time. You want to ensure that your warranty is as lengthy as feasible.

If your electric violin breaks or is damaged, you will be covered financially. This gives you peace of mind. When you buy your next electric violin, make sure that the seller offers insurance for a certain amount of time so that you are completely covered.

Final Thought

We’ve reached the conclusion of this article. You have seen the best starter electric violin, the best intermediate electric violin, and the coolest electric violin. Now you need to choose one. But it is your choice which to go for! Each instrument is unique, and what works for one person might not work for another. Some people are amazing at playing the acoustic guitar, while others are talented at playing the acoustic bass ukulele. Interestingly, there are also some people exceptional at playing the electric violin!

Maybe you want a violin that lasts for a long time, or maybe you just want to try out one to see if you like it.

The decision is entirely yours since you are the only one who may read through these electric violin reviews. And then compare the electric violin reviews before making your selection.

Electric violins are like cars. You need to find the best one for you by looking at your budget, how comfortable it is, how nice it sounds, and which one will make you happiest.

Even if you are a classical violinist and don't like electric violins, it can be fun to try one out. But don't think of it as a real violin.

If you think of it as a different instrument, we think you will have to admit that it is pretty cool. The opportunity to practice in silence alone is often worth the cost. Just think about how much more you could practice if you didn't have to worry about disturbing others.

Apart from that, they allow for a lot of creativity when combined with a computer. You can do some really cool things. An electric violin might not be the best choice for classical music. Still, it definitely brings a lot to the table in other genres.

For more information about choosing the best electric violin, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Electric Violin

What Is a Good Brand of Electric Violin?

Some Yamaha violins are among the finest available. One of them is the SV-130SBL. The body is made of spruce, the neck is made of maple, the fingerboard is ebony, and there are dogs on the guitar. It’s a full-size violin that’s easy to carry for hours.

Are Electric Violins Any Good?

Next up is an electric violin that is so good and cheap. It can be used at concerts and recordings. Yamaha makes good musical instruments, and the electric violin is no exception. You will not regret getting one of these instruments because they look great and work well for a low price.

How Much Is a Good Electric Violin?

Electric violins can cost about $100 to $5,000. When buying your first electric violin, don’t forget to have money for an amplifier and a multi-effects processor.

Is Electric Violin Easier?

There will not be much of a difference between electric and acoustic violins. The only difference is that it can be harder to learn electric violin because it is different from acoustic.

Are Fender Electric Violins Good?

The violin is made of good quality. It doesn’t appear to be easily breakable. The price was good because you get what you pay for. But it isn’t as highly rated as some electric violins on the market that cost more money.

Do Electric Violins Need Rosin?

Rosin is important for people who play string instruments. Without it, the bow won’t make any sound. The rosin helps the bow work properly on the strings.

Does Electric Violin Need Tuning?

An electric violin is the same as a traditional violin. It has four pegs and a tuner for A. The strings of an electric violin do not resonate very well when the violin is not plugged in. However, when it is, they can still be tuned by using the tuner for A and adjusting the other strings to sound harmonious with it.

What Is a Silent Violin?

A silent violin is designed for people to play without anyone hearing. It doesn’t make much sound when you play on it, so listen through the headphones!

Can You Teach Yourself Electric Violin?

You can teach yourself to play the violin. There are many videos and sites on the internet that can help you. You will have a lot of learning resources at your fingertips.

How Much Does a Decent Electric Violin Cost?

Electric violins can cost anywhere from $100 to $5000. When purchasing your first electric violin, don’t forget to budget for an amplifier and possibly a multi-effects processor!

Are Electric Violins Worth It?

The electric violins are great for more contemporary types of music, like jazz and rock. They don’t have the classical sound that some people might want, but they offer many other features that can be fun to use. Plus, they let violinists experiment with their sound more.

Are Yamaha Electric Violins Good?

Yamaha electric violins are a great value for the price. They also look great. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with this instrument. It has in-built reverb that you can adjust on the back of the violin, as well as a volume control knob.

What Is the Best Violin Brand?

There is no doubt that Stradivarius violins are the best. However, they are very rare and expensive. Violins that sound like a Stradivarius but are less expensive have been made possible thanks to new technologies.

Can You Play an Electric Violin Without an Amp?

To hear the sound produced by an electric violin, it must be amplified using an external device such as an amplifier or speakers. When an acoustic violin is played, it can be heard. Conversely, if an electric violin is not plugged into an amplifier, the audience will not be able to hear it.

What Is a Stradivarius Violin Made of?

The top of the violin was made from spruce, the internal blocks and linings were made from willow, and the back, ribs, and neck were made from maple. It’s been speculated that the violin’s wood was treated with minerals before and after manufacture.

Can You Use Regular Violin Strings on an Electric Violin?

It is possible to play an electronic violin with any string, including a classical violin. As long as the match lasts, all classical violin strings are compatible with an electric violin.

Why Do Electric Violins Have 5 Strings?

Adding the 5th string to the violin makes it possible for the player to play music in multiple genres. They can now use all of the notes on the instrument, both on the violin and viola. This also allows for extra harmonization that was not possible before.

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