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What is a Scott Cao violin? A Scott Cao violin is a type of acoustic instrument that is most commonly used in classical music. The name “Scott Cao” comes from the famous musical family, making violins since the 17th century. This blog post will discuss some of the best features and benefits of buying a Scott Cao violin.

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Top Five Scott Cao Violins

Some musicians say violinists are only as good as their instruments. Some say it's because the world's best violinist, Scott Ciao, uses a unique violin. Scott Cao violins are top-notch. They are made from amazing Chinese woodworkers.

The firm does what you've always done. Everyone adores their beautiful instruments. Scott Cao's workshop is 30 years old. They have received accolades from the Violin Makers Association and other organizations.

Sarah Chang and Itzhak Perlman say their violins are among the best they've ever played. Both musicians used Scott Cao instruments. These violins are copies of master violins made in Italy. History is in these violins.

1. Scott Cao 500 Violin

This is an excellent violin for beginners. The violin has a lot of sounds and is easy to play. It has a good body, is the perfect size for many different players, and is an excellent starting model for anyone. 

A professional musician might use this violin as a second instrument because it can project well and is good for long practices. This guitar is made of ebony and flamed spruce from Europe. It features numerous delicate components, including ebony fittings and high-quality fine tuners. Compared to other violins from the same factory, this one has a rich tone.


This violin is made out of wood. The top is made out of spruce, and the body is maple. It also has ebony details and fittings that are quality.

It has a nice varnish. It is a violin with strings that give it a pretty color and depth. Every 500 violins have two pieces in the back and a hand-colored finish.

The violin is a light instrument that is easy to use. You can use it for many different performances.

It has a clean sound and strong projection. It can handle all the deep notes without feeling any tension.

2. Scott Cao 750 Violin

The 750 model is an excellent instrument for orchestras or small quartets. A custom-made replica of a historic violin. This is made by hand. It might take six months to make it, but it will be worth the wait in the end. The Scott Cao 750 series is for people who love violins and want a high-quality finish for less. Every instrument has its own type of wood. One has a maple body and an Italian spruce top. With varnish, both types of wood get a coat of quality oil from Italy. When an instrument has a high-quality varnish, it is much better. It sounds good and is nicer to play.

This violin is special and sounds great. It is best for playing alone or in a concert. This is a good instrument for people just starting their careers and for students to learn more about different techniques.


Every violin from this company comes with a good, detailed finish. The 750 has a body made of maple wood and an Italian spruce top for more sound.

This is made out of ebony wood. Ebony wood is a dark and hard type of wood. The craftsmanship is very high quality.

One of the best features is that Domino strings give it an exceptional thick sound.

This violin has been given awards from the Violin Society of America. It is one of the best models in its category.

3. Scott Cao 850 Violin

This violin is a well-crafted instrument. It is one of the finest violins available. The quality of the craftsmanship is unique, and so is the sound it makes.

They are best suited for more seasoned or adult learners who want to play an excellent instrument. The violins are copies of famous violins, King Joseph, Lord Wilton, and Ysabel. These are all made in China. It is hard to find an original violin, so they make new ones like them. They customize them for famous musicians. The Scott Cao 850 model is a premium instrument because it has first-grade materials.

This violin is made of high-quality wood. It has spruce and Bosnian maple-like many other violins, but it is a rare combination. The violin’s boxwood, bow, and pegs are all carved from Indian ebony, one of the most costly varieties of wood. The famous magazine “Strings” says that these violins are among the best performance violins. They have a special varnish and are better than other violins of the same price.


Each model is crafted from the finest materials. They are a combination of maple and spruce. They have a special varnish that makes them sound warm and intricate.

The wood was drained and combined carefully to make the best look with perfect fire lines.

Indian ebony and a whole array of accessories make your instrument stronger and more beautiful.

The 850 violins sound better than other violins. They are often called some of the best-sounding violins in their price range.

4. Scott Cao 950 Violin

The Scott Ciao 950 violins are well-designed and have good sound. They are made for serious violin players and can be used for long hours of practicing. The Scott Cao 950 series are replicas of the Cannon, Kreisler, Ex-David, and famous Soil violins. These violins have the best acoustic abilities. Many students like these violins. Adults also use them to advance faster. They are great because they are lightweight and can produce a big sound. Every violin is made in China. It is then shipped to the USA, where the varnish and finishing touches are applied.


The 950 series has a single-piece back. They are made of maple.

In China, the best wood is used to make a good violin.

This instrument's sound is comparable to more expensive brands.

The fingerboard is carved Indian ebony. It also has Hill-style boxwood fittings. The Campbell studio varnishes violins.

The violin is finished with strings and other accessories.

These violins are handcrafted. Also, every Scott Cao 950 series violin comes ready to play.

5. Scott Cao 1500 Violin

There are many accessories that only a professional solo player will appreciate. Each month, Scott Cao's workshop builds only two 1500 violins. That's why there's a waitlist. There are four violin sizes available to suit every player. The best is the 1500 series. Twenty-year dried Bosnian maple and Italian spruce. You can get Indian ebony fittings and Aubert or Despiau bridges. The instrument's wood is light and airy. It's better with a pro. This violin is perfect for playing complicated music. It makes a sharp sound, just like you see in many orchestras.


The Scott Cao 1500 is a concert-quality violin with all the top performer’s features from an instrument. It has an Indian ebony fingerboard and boxwood fittings made especially for it.

The cello comes with Thomastik Dominant strings and a chinrest from Guarneri to make a rich sound.

This violin has fine tuners for the E string, and they are standard. This violin also comes with a luthier’s setup by Scott Cao.

This appears and sounds like an antique instrument; which player wouldn’t appreciate the historical aspects of a 300-year-old violin?

This violin has a range of colors and richness. It is different from other violins.

Every violin comes with a certificate of quality and craftsmanship. Many people from the workshops of Scott Cao make violins.

Scott Ciao Violin Buyer’s Guide

A violin’s quality is determined by the type of wood and how it is made. The person who makes the violin determines what shape it will be and what sound it will make.

Violins are some of the oldest instruments. They have been around for more than 1,000 years. The best violin brands come from Italy, and different parts make them sound different.

Scott Cao

Scott Cao is a world-famous luthier. He has received numerous accolades for his craftsmanship. And he has also received many accolades for recreating Stradivari’s work. His instruments are ideal for musicians of all levels. Cao moved from China to San Francisco. He started repairing old violins in his workshop. Soon he was creating new things and working with new materials. He made expensive masterpieces. He has made violins ranging in price from student violins to models for soloists.

Scott Cao Violin Body Design

Every violin made by artist Scott Cao has the same thing inside – wood. If the wood is dry and hard, your violin will also sound this way. That’s why luthiers choose particular woods like spruce, ebony, rosewood, or Italian maple. All of these woods are better than other kinds. They grow in Europe and have a certain texture. They can be easily shaped when they’re made into something. And when the box is finished, it becomes even better! Every piece of wood needs to dry for at least five years. But most violins from Scott Cao use wood that has dried for 10 or even 20 years. The age of the wood makes a violin better. The process of making a violin is more comfortable when the wood is dry, and you can cut it to the perfect shape and size.

The Bridge

Inside every violin by Scott Cao is wood. If the wood is dry and hard, so will your violin. And that's why luthiers use woods like Italian maple or spruce. These woods all outperform others. They are European and have a texture. They can be easily shaped into something. The finished box is even better! Each piece of wood must dry for five years. But most Scott Cao violins use wood that has dried for 10 or 20 years. A violin's age makes it better. Making a violin is easier when the wood is dry and can be cut to size.

The Strings

Strings transform a violin into a vehicle for emotion and virtuosity. Every violin has different strings, but it is up to the player or someone knowledgeable about violins to choose which string to use. Strings are essential to any string instrument's tone. A single instrument's wires can produce distinct sensations. Material, quality, and gauge all matter. Before buying strings for your instrument, learn about them. Modern violins come with strings, but you may want something else.

The E string on violins is often metal. It's the top note. Scott Cao's violins sound better with the best strings.

Lifetime Quality Warranty

Violins are usually built by hand, and they will stay in good shape for a long time. When it comes to the price of those premium instruments, it will slowly rise over time. This means that if you buy one now, it will be worth more in the future. Scott Cao violins are a good investment because they will either hold their value or increase the price two times more after ten years. Owning a beautifully made instrument is a great experience. You can enjoy the quality of the varnish. In Scott Cao’s San Francisco workshops, most violins get a final coating that makes them sound different.

Scott Cao makes violins that are either red or yellow. All models from the 850 and 950 lines have a refined look.

Replicating Old Violins

Cao has a lot of knowledge about violins that old Italian masters made. He can make them again, and they will be the same as the original. He made violins that are copies of some old ones. He copied the Cremonese and the Kochanski Guarneri del Gesu. The 950 and 1500 series models are more than 300 years old. He can also take a violin that someone has and do something to it to become another type of instrument. If you want to change the color or varnish on an instrument, then someone from Scott Cao’s workshop is skilled at doing this.

For more information about the best Scott Cao Violins, you can check out this link.

Best Scott Cao Violin Reviews

Famous violinists and introductory teachers alike trust Scott Cao Violins. Their designs are organic and classic.

Scott Cao's violins are standard violins. They are practical and noticeable due to their unique qualities.

Many people recommend Scott Cao's Violins. Many people have praised it, and the maker makes some of the best violins.

This page lists SCV's best violins and describes their sounds and appearance.


Scott Cao's STV-017E is a beautiful violin that shows how capable humans are. The maple used on the back of the violin is hand-carved with streaks across its light-brown, yellow hue. The skin of the violin looks almost like that of a tiger, and its reflectivity makes it look like it has just returned from a sweaty outdoor activity.

The instrument is impressive and humble. It has a captivating appearance that conceals its exceptional ability. In addition to the shaded chin rest and black tuning pegs, the STV-017E has an ebony fingerboard. Its darker body makes it ideal for formal concerts. It can, however, blend in with most modern orchestras. The violin's color shows its sound. The tone can reach the nosebleed sections of a large concert hall, inviting those far away into the experience it offers. An adult can be whisked away by its spirit of young love or unbridled joy.

The sound is good and can please any artist. Music by W.A. Mozart or Antonio Vivaldi sounds best. The A and E strings' high notes will be pronounced and breathtaking.

The STV-017E is perfect for a new tone and vibe in your music. Concerto players and studio musicians will love it.

  • Singing, bright tone
  • Pretty back design and gleam
  • Bold appearance
  • Stellar for advancing students and graduates
  • The color tone is on the light end of the spectrum
  • Unsuitable for seasoned professionals

1740 Ysaÿe

Eugène Ysae, the famous Belgian "King of the Violin," thought his new student's violin was lovely. He borrowed it, toured with it, and then returned to exchange it for his old violin. He also sold his brother to the new owner. Scott Cao recreated the instrument years later. He used his finely tuned skills and extensive experience to show that the sounds of the 1700s had not faded away. Those lovely sounds are still available. Color: a pleasant cream-beige reminiscent of coffee and milk or soft sand. This look allows soloists and quartet members to use 1740.

This maple back is excellent. The streaks make it look like a forest fence made of new stakes. It's beautifully carved. Its beauty will entice those who see it. An abundance of rich, warm sounds fill the ears of the Ysae violin. It sounds like melted milk chocolate. It's soft and thick, and it's a good violin should be.This equipment is solid and reliable. It will keep your music sounding great. It can also make you happy and free.

In addition to an ebony fingerboard, the
1740 Ysae has a light-brown tailpiece and chin rest. The violin's components' skin tones contrast beautifully, and a designer would appreciate the craftsmanship's visual artistry.

  • Ornamental look
  • Excellent playability
  • Smooth fingerboard
  • Lush, feline sound
  • Very unique
  • Non-black chin rest and tailpiece

1740 Ex-David

Scott Cao's Ex-David model is pretty and delicate, evoking 18th century style. It has a vintage look, with a matte finish and a dry reflectivity. The violin looks old and worn out. It's light red with pale marks all over it. It looks like an old book on a shelf. It's no longer new.

It's a vintage instrument, so it may be appealing to some. It may appeal to antique or replica collectors. It looks old enough to be displayed with other historical items. The Ex-sound David's matches its appearance. You hear the notes coming from a record player when you play it. A groovy, near-imperfect tone forms.

This mutation isn't all bad. Vinyl produces richer, more detailed sounds than CDs or digital files. The violin's unique feature gives it a distinct, crackly sound that will appeal to fans of vintage music. Typical violin colors The black tuning pegs, fingerboard, and tailpiece contrast nicely with the ebony chin rest and tailpiece. The tailpiece has one tuning peg, which is beige on the inside.

  • Classic sound
  • Cool, red appearance
  • Standardly set up
  • Full and old-fashioned sound
  • Not very glossy
  • Pale portions are significantly uncolored

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Scott Cao Violin

Are Scott Cao Violins Good?

The Scott Cao violins are among the finest of today’s creations. Scott Cao Violins is a name to be reckoned with in the business, with a gift for generating a true and dazzling sound. An ear for clear and lively flying tones and an excellent reputation exceeding some earlier instrument-making firms.

Where Are Scott Cao Violins Made?

The Scott Cao 1500 is made in Scott’s workshop. He has 10 people making them under his supervision. They are made with Bosnian maple and Italian spruce, aged 10 years each.

Who is Scott Cao?

Scott Cao is a good violin maker. He makes copies of Stradivarius violins, which are very famous. He makes violins for different people’s needs.

What Is a Stradivarius Violin Made of?

The wood used in the violin was spruce for the top, willow for the blocks and linings, and maple for the back, ribs, and neck. Some people think these woods were treated with minerals before putting on this violin. Others believe that they may have been treated after it was put together.

What Violins Do Professionals Use?

If you are looking for a violin at a low price, look at Yamaha Model 5. Mikhail Vitacek and D’Luca PROJB44 are also good choices. If you play in an orchestra, consider One Piece Back Maestro Old spruce Strada. It all depends on what is needed.

What Violin Should I Buy as a Beginner?

The Aliyese violin is a fantastic choice for novices. It’s constructed of solid wood and comes with a sturdy carrying case to safeguard it from harm. This violin has a solid spruce top, ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest, as well as an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners.

How Much Should You Pay for a Good Violin?

For an intermediate player, a “good” violin will cost around $1,000 – $3,000. High-quality and solid tonewoods are used. The price is anything from $3,000 to $1 million for a professional player.

Is Scott Cao Violin Good?

Scott Cao violins are some of the best made today. They have a clear and bright sound and are very authentic. They also sound better than some older violins.

How Much Does a Good Professional Violin Cost?

Professional violinists often invest between $2,000 and $10,000 in their instruments. Some professional violinists own violins that cost much more than this.

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