Best Viola Bows in the Year 2023

Aside from the instrument itself, a viola bow is one of a musician’s most important items. The perfect viola bow may make or break a violist’s performance; therefore, it’s an important aspect of a player’s ensemble gear. Due to the abundance of viola bows available, a young viola player may have difficulty deciding which one is the best to use. As a result, violists should consider various variables while selecting the best viola bow for their instrument. This post will review ten of the greatest viola bows on the market today.

Quick Picks: Best Viola Bows in the Year 2023

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Brazilwood Crescent Bow, Viola

Fiddlerman FCFB-VLA Viola Bow with Carbon Fiber

Vio Music’s Viola Bow in Carbon Fiber

Viola Bow VingoBow Advanced Black Horse Hair Carbon Fiber

What Should You Look for in Viola Bows?

When looking for the best viola bows on the market, you should examine each of their qualities. Ensure that you do not choose a bow that will simply detract from your viola playing experience. Because each viola bow has its own set of elements and styles, think about which one best suits your tastes. The following characteristics should be considered while choosing the best viola bow.

The Viola Bow’s Material

When deciding on which viola bow to buy, one of the first things to consider is the material. Viola bows are made from four different materials: Brazilwood, carbon fiber stick, synthetic materials, and Pernambuco. Brazilwood is usually inexpensive and suitable for usage by students. Carbon fiber viola bows are more durable than wooden bows. Synthetic materials like composites and fiberglass are also used to build the best viola bows. Synthetic materials are typically long-lasting, albeit of poorer quality. Finally, Pernambuco is known for being both light and strong.

The Viola Bow’s Weight

Another element to consider when choosing the right viola bow is its weight. A larger clear tone could be produced by using a heavier viola bow. On the other hand, a lighter bow would make it easier for violists to experiment with varied strokes. It’s worth noting that utilizing heavier viola bows can be exhausting. On the other hand, a lighter bow may lack the necessary power to perform better.

The Viola Bow’s Form

The viola bow’s form should also be addressed. Viola bows are available in two different shapes: octagonal and round bows. Violinists can control round stick bows more than octagonal bows because round bows are less stiff. On the other hand, octagonal bows are stiffer than round stick bows.

The characteristics listed above are only a few factors to consider when selecting the best viola bows on the market. It should be remembered that the final selection will still be based on the player’s preferences.

Viola Bows at Their Finest

1. Brazilwood Crescent Bow, Viola

Crescent Brazilwood Viola Bow is a full-size viola bow that is fashioned top-notch Brazilwood bows. Natural horsehair and a traditional ebony frog make up this piece. It is light weight and well-balanced, making it an excellent bow for viola players. Crescent’s viola bows are all handmade viola, resulting in a straight stick and rigid bow that users may be confident in. The violin bows with high-value silver or artificial whale bow winding is used on these instruments. A bow of this caliber performs admirably for its price, in the end.

2. Fiddlerman FCFB-VLA Viola Bow with Carbon Fiber

The Fiddlerman FCFB-VLA Carbon Fiber Bows are handcrafted high-quality carbon fiber bows designed for maximum longevity and performance when used with the instrument. It’s made of high-quality Siberian horsehair that won’t tangle easily. Furthermore, the viola bow is designed to equally distribute weight, resulting in great balance when utilized. The copper placed on the ebony frog adds a lovely touch. The bow is also equipped with a strong arch that gives it a lot of bounce and motion. The great balance point and weight distribution of this product distinguish it as one of the best carbon fiber viola bows available.

3. Vio Music’s Viola Bow in Carbon Fiber

The Vio Music Top Carbon Fiber Bows are fully made of high-quality carbon fiber, ensuring strength and precision. This piece comprises natural Mongolian horsehair, an ebony frog, and a Parisian eye. When used properly, it maximizes efficiency. The viola bows are well-balanced, lightweight, and expertly crafted. The Vio Music Top Carbon Fiber generates a resonant, rich tone that is great for spiccato. In general, such a bow represents excellent value for money.

4. Viola Bow VingoBow Advanced Black Horse Hair Carbon Fiber

Advanced Black Horse Hair Carbon Fiber VingoBow Viola Bow is a sleek straight stick composed of carbon fiber for long-lasting performance. It has a sheep leather lizard grip and is made of natural horse hair. It also comes with an ebony frog that has been fitted with nickel silver. Because of its construction, violinists can rely on the instrument’s strength, balance, and flexibility during performances. Due to its hand-crafted craftsmanship, it has the potential to produce a powerful sounds and resonant tone. If you’re looking to produce a warm and sweet tone, the VingoBow Brand New Carbon Fiber Viola Bow is the musical instrument for you.

5. Braided Carbon Fiber Viola Bow by Vio Music

Braided carbon fiber is used to make the Vio Music Braided Carbon Fiber Viola Bow. An ebony frog with Fleur-de-Lis inlay, a pearl dot embellished screw, nickel silver thread winding, and natural Mongolian horse hair are components. The spherical form of the viola bow gives viola players more control. The Braided Carbon Fiber Viola Bow by Vio Music, which is well-balanced and lightweight, might be a valuable addition to the arsenal of both novices and specialists.

6. Pernambuco Viola Bow Full-size 4/4 Vio Music

Full-size 4/4 Vio Music The Pernambuco Viola Bow is made of Pernambuco wood, which is extremely durable and effective. A nice ebony frog, a natural Mongolian horse hair that does not fall apart rapidly, and a silver thread winding are included. Its ebony frog is inlaid with a Fleur-de-Lis motif. Due to its handcrafted artistry, the Pernambuco Bows Full-size 4/4 Vio Music is lightweight yet well-balanced for viola players.

7. Shar Fusion Viola Bow in Carbon Composite

Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Composite Viola Bow comprises high-tech fiberglass and carbon fiber composite. The bow is suggested for students and novices because it is durable and efficient. It could also be used by professional players during performances. Furthermore, this carbon fiber bow is ideal for viola players on a budget. This viola bow is heavier than a regular violin bow, ensuring that your instruments are well-equipped.

8. Prodigy Carbon Fiber Viola Bow by CodaBow

The CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Viola Bow is a handcrafted bow with a graphite diamond weave finish constructed of carbon fiber material. It also contains a blended acoustic core for increased efficiency when in use. A classic ebony frog, a sterling silver winding, and an engraved crystal eye inlay round out the bow’s features. Moroccan leather grip, nickel and silver fittings, a metal alloy tip plate, and silver medal horse hair are also included. The bow has been meticulously designed to provide professional musicians with professional qualities useful during performances.

9. LB-10V by J. LaSalle Viola Bow from the Brazilwood Student Series

The LB-10V is a J. LaSalle product. Student Series by Brazilwood, The Viola Bow, is a durable round stick constructed of Brazilwood that provides exceptional balance and flexibility for a bright, clear sound and intonation. It has a conventional non-slip sheepskin padded wrap that promotes comfort when utilized. It has a rosewood frog with a silver-plated button that provides counterweight and appeal. Its natural, unbleached horse hair means that consumers can use it for long. Its horse hair is also rosin-adhesive. The bow will undoubtedly come in handy during rehearsals and lessons for students and beginners.

10. Horse hair Fiberglass Bow by Glasser

When used with a viola, the Glasser Fiberglass Bows with Horse Hair is a circular stick composed of fiberglass that ensures longevity. It also has full metal undersides for added durability, a composite frog, and natural horse hair for a resonant and clear tone. Furthermore, the bow is easy to use and comfortable. This type of viola bow is made for students and beginners and is ideal for practice bow and instruction.

Four Best Viola Bow

Although it lacks Pernambuco wood, the bow is sturdy highly sought.

You could get a nicer bow for a little more money.

The bow is only good for beginners and intermediates; a professional will require a more advanced bow.

There are many different types of viola bows available. To buy a nice bow, you don’t have to sell your firstborn child, but you need to know what to look for so you don’t end up with a low-quality bow. Knowing about the characteristics of a good bow can help you make a more informed decision when shopping for your next bow.

1. DZ Strad Carbon Fiber Bow

The speed with which a bow responds is one of the most significant characteristics of a good bow. This bow has a quick response and good balance, allowing you to perform even the most difficult music parts with ease. It is the right bow size for a viola bow. It also has an attractive design with a traditional frog made from polished ebony. The instrument uses Mongolian horsehair to help you play better. The quality is exceptional, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or causing any problems while you’re playing.

This bow is easy to use for quick and light playing. It is also heavy, so it makes a great sound. The bow is good for standard violas between 15 and 17 inches long. It is adjustable and uses a regular rounded edge to play with a flexible technique.

This bow is made from carbon fiber material which makes it more durable. It also has a similar feel to bows made with Pernambuco. This bow is a great option for intermediate to advanced players looking for an affordable option that will last for years.


  • Carbon fiber stick features long life, excellent balance, and a good response
  • The proper viola bow length is 15 to 17 inches.
  • The bow features unbleached Mongolian horsehair that has not been bleached, polished premium ebony, and a traditional frog.


  • Although it lacks Pernambuco wood, the bow is sturdy highly sought.
  • You could get a nicer bow for a little more money.
  • The bow is only good for beginners and intermediates; a professional will require a more advanced bow.

2. DZ Strad Brazilwood

This affordable viola bow is good for students who are intermediates or beginners. It is made from Brazilwood, which gives it a good response. It also has a nickel silver mounted ebony frog and unbleached mongolian horsehair. This bow is more flexible than other bows in its class, but it may feel stiffer to some people.

The downside of this bow is that it is made with Brazilwood. This is the lower quality of traditional wood bows, which means that the bow may not be as good as others. However, the attention to detail and craftsmanship make this bow a well-made one, even if it is not made with the best materials.

This bow is great for beginners because it is less expensive and won’t be damaged as easily if used for rough playing or advanced techniques.


  • This bow is suitable for a regular-sized viola and is good for beginners.
  • It is a high-quality bow and can play any type of music.
  • This bow has a quick and easy response, making it great for anyone looking for a bow that is resilient and easy to use.


  • Although it uses Brazilwood, a fiberglass bow is still better.
  • The bow can be a bit heavy, making it difficult to play harder passages.
  • Although Mongolian horsehair is used, the lack of Mongolian horsehair reduces the amount of grip.

3. VINGBOW Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

The Vingbow Carbon Fiber viola bow is more resilient than other bows because it uses natural black mongolian horsehair. This makes the viola bow louder and give wilder tones. Vingbow viola bows are also more trustworthy and durable than Pernambuco viola bows, making them an excellent alternative for professionals.

The VINGBOW’s high bounce and flexibility are two features that set it apart. This allows you to make more strokes than with any other viola bow. It’s also light and won’t wear you out quickly.

VINGBOW Carbon Fiber Bow is one of the best viola bows makers because their instruments have a great balance point. This makes it easier for you to control the bow and play what you want. The only complaint people usually have about their bows is that they break easily because of the quality of the hair.


  • Great Handling
  • Excellent balance
  • Neat Workout
  • Beautiful finish


  • Easily broken
  • Inferior horsehair

4. SKY 12″ Viola Bow

The SKY viola bow is a good choice if you play gently. It is made of quality Brazilwood, making it easy to carry and stable when playing. It also has a clear finish and is uniformly colored, dense, and strong bow.

The bow includes a high-quality leather grip that provides a solid grip and flexibility. It’s also well-balanced, giving you a sense of security while playing. The greatest viola bow for beginners and amateurs is this one. It also comes with a silver mount that is fully lined.

This gadget is affordable and designed with the best quality materials. If you have played with it, you know that an upgrade isn’t necessary. It is also the perfect length for the stage at 12 inches.


  • Stable and round stick
  • Lightweight bow
  • Excellent product finish
  • Durable


  • Low quality
  • Easily broken


Before you decide on a viola bow, be sure it has all of the qualities you need for a good performance. Each of these best viola bows has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is entirely up to you to determine which of them gives the most comfort and durability for your particular needs.

When looking for a viola bow, it is important to find one that you feel good playing. You also need to find a viola bow that makes you sound good and is priced reasonably. It is also important to find a viola bow that has the right length and viola sizes for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Viola Bows in the Year 2023

What Is a Good Viola Bow?

The Pernambuco bows are known for their quality. It is made to offer the weight and curve that most viola players want. The frog is ebony and copper, and the Pernambuco bows are perfectly balanced on the instrument.

How Much Does a Good Viola Bow Cost?

A viola bow starts at around $40-$50. These models are made out of wood and might be adjustable. The quality is lower in this price range, as are the materials. Some bows in the mid-range will be of average quality, but a few are poor.

Who Made the Best Viola?

Violas come in a variety of styles. According to some, D Z Strad makes the world’s finest violas. The Cecilio CVA-400 14-Inch Solid Wood Flamed Viola is a viable option. You might wish to start with the Mendini MV300 Viola if you’re new to the instrument.

Are Yamaha Violas Good?

There are two types of Yamaha violas – the VA5S and the VA7SG. Both are great instruments that have been handcrafted with care from high-quality materials.

What Size Viola Bow Do I Need?

The following bow sizes correspond with the associated viola size: 4/4 bow should be purchased for a 15″ -16.5″ viola, a ¾ bow should be purchased for a 13″ -14″ viola, a ½ bow should be purchased for a 12″ viola, and a

What Is the Most Expensive Viola?

The violas can be quite affordable. You can find violas for $200-$2,500. Additionally, the tone of an intermediate viola is far superior to that of a novice viola. There are more dynamics, and the projection is stronger.

What Do You Call a Person Who Plays the Viola?

A violist is someone who plays the viola.

What Is a Decent Viola?

If you are a beginner, Cremona violas are a good choice because they are high quality and affordable. They are made of select tonewoods, such as hand-carved maple, spruce, and ebony. However, you can improve their sound by making small improvements.

Who Is the Best Viola Player?

There are many famous viola players that you should know. One example is the German composer Paul Hindemith, who was very successful in the 20th century.

How Do I Choose a Good Viola?

When choosing a viola, look for specific traits such as quality tonewoods and tight construction. The viola should have a spruce wood belly (top plate) and include other woods like maple and ebony. Fittings influence the sound quality of the viola, so be sure to pay attention to this.

What Is the Difference Between the Viola and Violin?

The most obvious difference between violas and violins is their size. Violas are bigger than violins, with an average body length of 15.5 and 16.5 inches for adults. Violin bows are between 13 and 14 inches long.

What Size Is a Full-Size Viola?

Violins, violas, and cellos come in different bows sizes. The fullsize viola bows are between 13″ and 17″. Violin bows come in nine sizes, and cello bows come in eight sizes. But no matter the size of the instrument, they all have the same range of pitch and are played.

Is Strobel a Good Viola?

Strobel orchestral string instruments are of great value because they are made with high-quality finishes and tonewoods. Each violin, viola, cello, and double bass has been built with incredible attention to detail, which is why they are favorite music teachers and students.

For additional information about the best viola bows, visit this page.

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