The Best DZ Strad Violin Review: Why You Should Consider Buying One

Are you in the market for a new violin? If so, you may be wondering if a DZ Strad violin is the right choice for you. This blog post will look at these violins and discuss why they are popular among musicians. We will also provide an overview of the different features available with DZ Strad violins so that you can decide whether or not to purchase one. Thanks for reading!

DZ Strad is a company that makes all types of instruments, and it is close to the center of New York, US. They are famous for their audience-targeted violins and other instruments.

This company is favored by many people because its instruments can meet the needs of people of all ages, especially when it comes to violins. Whether you are a professional, an intermediate, or a beginner, all DZ Strad violins are easy to use and have a lot of potentials.

Quick Picks: Eight Best DZ Strad Violin Reviews

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DZ Strad Model 709 Violin

DZ Strad Gasparo Da Salo Full Size Violin Model 362

Antique 4/4 S Z Strad Full Size Violin 220 Model

LeSong Concerto Model 201

A Master of Traditional Needs

DZ Strad offers a wide selection of violins that are well-crafted and beautiful. You can find instruments with warm, traditional tones and abstract designs that look great.

Whether you will use it for performance or decoration, the DZ Strad violin is made for both. It can be used with an orchestra or as decoration in your home. Just like the Scott Cao and Mendini violin brand, using a DZ Strad is perfect for both beginner and seasoned violinists. The violin is very good at playing music and works well for most people who play them. So far, no one has had problems with it.

Why Buy D Z Strad Violins?

Here are some reasons why you might want to invest in a DZ Strad of violins:

They are handmade, which means more care is put into the manufacturing process than machines.

Most of DZ Strad’s beginner violins come with the accessories you need to start your practice lessons right away.

They are usually easy to use and don’t have any problems.

They are beautiful and long-lasting with their solid construction.

Eight Best DZ Strad Violin Reviews

1. DZ Strad Model 709 Violin

Do you want a handmade violin? This D Strad Model 709 is the best one in the market. You can tell when you see a violin whose main body construction features a natural Spruce hewn from the best in Italian Alps.

The Model 709 is a full-size violin that plays well. This violin has an antique varnish finish, which creates a strong and long-lasting sound. A violin should make a unique and distinctive sound that beats the competition or compares favorably with the finest on the market. That’s exactly what this Model 709 accomplishes.

Model 709 has a design made with natural wood from the Alps. This makes the sound quality very good. The sound is sophisticated and open, with a great ring, color, and depth.

The handmade design of this violin was only possible with the help of experienced luthiers. These luthiers are the ones who helped construct the wonderful violin model from DZ Strad. The Bam case makes it easy to carry your instrument from one place to another, and a bow is included so you can start playing right away. A shoulder rest and violin rosin also come with this excellent package.

2. DZ Strad Gasparo Da Salo Full Size Violin Model 362

DZ Strad has created another amazing violin. This time, they have used high-quality materials in the design. The Gasparo Da Salo model features beautiful double inlaid purfling on the instrument’s top. It also has backplates with three well-designed inlaid flourishes on each of them at the back.

The 362 is a powerful model set up well by the best luthiers in the DZ Strad line of violin construction. The bridge of the 362 models is made from top-quality maple wood, which will last for many years and produce a round and warm sound. Dominant strings are remarkable for their long-lasting performance and enhancement of the player’s style of play.

The 362 model is just like the other violins in this series. They are all made with high-quality materials to give you the best sound. The varnish on the violin is also designed to get the best sound possible from the old maple wood. You can always count on getting great results when you play one of these violins. If you’re looking for a beautiful and rich-sounding violin, this is a great option to consider.

A good case and two bows come with this violin. There are Dominant strings and shoulder rest. You can also get rosin if you want it. This type of violin is very affordable, but it still plays the expensive ones in this market.

3. Antique 4/4 S Z Strad Full Size Violin 220 Model

There are a few top brands when it comes to violins. DZ Strad is one of those brands, and their Model 220 violin is great for beginner players. Its 4/4 size makes it easy to hold. The hand-carved design and high-quality, varnished spirit finish help create a unique sound characteristic of DZ Strad violins.

This violin has a maple wood construction. This type of wood is good for creating a warm and round tone. It is also very durable, making it a good choice for beginner players. The hand-feel performance also helps players be more consistent and motivated to play more.

Deciding to buy the DZ Strad is like buying the best design. The violin comes with a case so you can move it without damage. You can put the case away and keep your violin safe from getting damaged when not in use.

This violin package from DZ Strad comes with a bow made of Brazillian wood, which makes it easy for you to play your instrument. The resin and shoulder rest also make it more comfortable to play.

The Model 220 has Dominant strings, making it a great intermediate violin. It projects sophisticated tones and open sounds. Another great feature of this instrument is the top plate design, which is perfect. The bottom parts and sides of the violins are made with Spruce and Maple, including the bridge with maple wood for amazing sound output.

4. LeSong Concerto Model 201

The LeSong Concerto Model violin by DZ Strad is a wonderful choice. It is one of the finest violins in the DZ Strad range. This model is well-made and has an attractive appearance that will last a long time.

The bridge on the fingerboard is easy to apply pressure to without any difficulty. It has a unique action that makes it possible to get a quick and positive response from the springs when you touch it lightly. This makes playing enjoyable and enduring.

The DZ Strad violin was designed for beginners. It is perfect for orchestra needs. If you are looking for a good violin to practice on, this one is a great choice. It produces a clear, open, and beautiful sound that many professional artists and music teachers recommend.

The Model 201 from DZ Strad is made from a select Russian Spruce material. This makes the tone warm, round, and consistent for the best orchestra performance. The neck has a strategic design that allows it to resist hands that slide easily. Although the violin isn’t full size, it does what it is meant to do.

This violin includes everything you need to play. It has a bow, rosin, and a case to carry it in.

5. DZ Strad LC101 Violin

The DZ Strad LC101 violin is a great choice for anyone looking for an amazing sound. It has a handmade construction that makes it easy to produce sound and project it. The varnish finish is also very nice, and this time its hand-oil touched for a sleek look and elegant sound.

The LC101 features a Russian Spruce material construction. This spruce material has been dried by air for 10 years, making the sound even more unique and outstanding.

But that is not all that contributes to this unique sound. The D5s has a maple back and D5s with ribs and scrolls. This helps create a warm sound projection.

This design is made to meet your needs. You will get a case to carry your instrument with you wherever you go when you order it. It also comes with a bow so you can play your violin. You’ll also get a shoulder rest and rosin, which are additional benefits of this top-quality design.

6. DZ Strad Violin 120

The DZ 120 violin is often recommended by teachers. It is a similar model to other violins in its category. For example, the instrument has a hand-carved design famous for its quality and performance. The design features a quality spirit varnish finish, making it very elegant and lovely to look at from a distance. You will instantly love and cherish this design with a passion for playing it.

The varnish design brings out the unique design of many DZ Strad violins. With the varnish finish, the tonewoods can project their unique sound. This results in a great sound quality consistent with various DZ Strad instruments.

This violin sounds loud and clear, like you’re in a theater. The Model 120 is a good violin for beginners and intermediate players.

When you order this violin, you will also receive a set of strings, the bow, rosin, and shoulder rest. This is an excellent package for any violinist. This full-size violin has a clean and open tone that makes it a favorite of teachers.

7. D Strad Model 100 Violin

The model 100 is one of the best and most famous handcrafted designs from the DZ Strad starters’ violin series. The model 100 violin offers an affordable price compared to other violins on the market. Considering the price, some people might think that this violin is not worth it, but they would be wrong. This violin has just as much quality as more expensive violins.

The DZ Strad Model 100 violin is a handmade instrument with a beautiful design. Different wood constructions make it special, like the Russian spruce at the top. This spruce has been dried for 10 years, so it will last a long time.

This DZ Strad violin has a quality spirit varnish finish. This ensures that you will get the sound you want from the instrument. The maple wood on the sides and scrolls also contribute to the rich, warm sound it produces.

This model is typical for beginners who want a violin ready to play, which sounds good. It has 4 built-in tuners to help you get the sound you want. This violin’s level of playability and consistency will help beginners practice and play the violin well.

The model 100 has a bow with brazilwood for the construction, a shoulder rest, and rosin.

8. DZ Strad #512 Cast Scroll Royal Violin

The 512 model violin from DZ Strad is a great choice for a beginner player. The Russian spruce top and maple construction create a warm, even tone. The natural air-drying process for the spruce ensures that the violin will sound great for years to come.

The Robs and Scrolls have both been dried in the air to make them look good. They also have a tailpiece and chinrest in the standard position, so experienced violin players will not find it strange.

This violin has a magical tone and is perfect for soloists. Soloists will love the sound this violin makes. Although orchestral players might find this design and its appearance very conspicuous, it is a bit unsuitable for ensemble functionalities. But the fact remains that it is ideal for soloists and will function incredibly when the need arises.

The hard-carved pegs and fine gold-plated tuners make the violin a great choice for anyone. You will control how you play and the sounds and tones that come out. The 512 model is a reliable choice for a starter or intermediate violin.

Another thing that makes this violin great is its durability. The spruce used to make it comes from Canada, and it is very hard. This makes the violin produce a beautiful full tone. It also has a high arching design that helps its project sound better.

You can check out this site to learn more about what to consider when buying DZ Strad violins.

Best DZ Strad Violins Review

As a violinist, it is important to know who makes your instrument. You also need to understand the quality of your violin. The quality of your instrument can affect the quality of your performance. That is why it is important to get a violin from a respected brand like D Z Strad.

D Z Strad is one of the leading companies that sell stringed instruments. They have a lot of different kinds of violins, from classical to modern ones. Some of them sound really great and have beautiful tones. This article will review the ten best D Z Strad violins on the market.

Top 10 Best DZ Strad Violins Review

1. DZ Strad Violin Model 800

The Model 800 is the most advanced handmade violin from DZ Strad. It is made with wood from the Italian Alps. The wood is beautiful and old, and the varnish makes the wood look pure and amazing.

This model has a light varnish. This makes the tone clean and powerful. It is perfect for people looking for a clear projection and pure resonance. The top is made from Engelmann spruce, which was naturally air-dried for over 15 years. This makes it a great choice for professional solo performances.

D Z Strad's handmade instruments are created by prize-winning luthiers. Each instrument is carefully graduated, giving the player a powerful and refined tone.

This violin outfit is of great value. It includes a quality violin, a case, and two bows. In the market, the case and bows are worth $600. The violin has a Chosen Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll and naturally air-dried. It also comes with a Bricks Pilot case and Carbon Fiber Bow or Cobra Brazil Wood bow (you can choose).

2. DZ Strad violin Model 601F

The D Z Strad violin Model 601F is a finely built handcrafted instrument. It has an attractive double purfling design. The top and back plates have been inlaid with dual purfling, a tight alternating dot-and-diamond pattern made from high-grade select Spruce and Maple tonewood.

The Model 601F is a sophisticated and elegant instrument that produces a malleable sound with color and depth. This instrument is also subjected to a light antiquing process to give its look, feel, and sound vintage-style instrument. It has a full, balanced tone that is ideal for advanced players.

3. DZ Strad Violin – Model 700

These violins from DZ Strad have many positive customer reviews. People love how it looks, and the wood is of good quality. It is also hand-carved in the USA, which some people might find impressive. The varnish isn't too thick or shiny, which is another plus for some people.

The D Z Strad violin model 700 is of excellent quality. It has a real maple table and finely flamed two-piece spruce back. The pegs are correctly fitted, making them easy to tune. It is also easy to play with good intonation.

It is easy to stop two strings with one finger. This offers a perfect fifth. The violin is set up very well, perfect for an intermediate-level player.

The tone of the violin will start off sounding quieter than usual. This is because it hasn't been played a lot recently. The sound will get louder as you play it more.

You will be very happy to have a D Z Strad violin that looks and sounds like a hand-carved violin! With the violin and two bows inside, the case weighs about 5 pounds.

4. DZ Strad Model 515F (#4001)

Antonio Stradivari was the best violin maker of all time. One of his particular masterpieces is "Hellier."

Stradivari decorated the violin with a lot of detail and lightness. He did this without disturbing the natural form of the instrument. In addition, he enhanced the simple beauty of its lines.

The DZ Strad Model 505F is inspired by a 1679 masterpiece. This instrument produces a malleable, sophisticated sound with color and depth. Compared to the DZ Strad Model 302, it has a higher grade, select spruce, and maple tonewood.

Dual purfling has been skillfully inlaid on the violin's top and backplates. Dual purfling includes a tightly alternating dot-and-diamond pattern.

The DZ Strad violin Model 505F is different from Model 302 because it has an antiquing process. This makes it look more classic. The tone is full, even, and perfect for players advancing their skills.

5. D Z Strad Model 501

You will also receive a case, bow, string, and rosin if you purchase this D Z Strad violin. Every detail has been meticulously crafted. With Loud Sound and Clear Tone, this model from DZ Strad violins has collector value over time. It's a violin of professional quality.

As a result, you get a good violin with a full voice. This D Z Strad violin has been seasoned and spirit varnished.

The Engelmann spruce is from Russia. It is a hardwood that makes a good sound when playing the violin. The high archings help the sound to be loud and clear.

6. DZ Strad Violin Model 509

D Z Strad Violin Model 509 is made perfectly by the brand's luthiers. It is made out of natural tonewoods, like Alpine/Italian Spruce for the top and maple for the back and sides. This makes it well constructed.

The violin also has an antique varnish finish. This makes it look, sound, and feel like an older instrument. When used, the violin produces a sophisticated sound that is both malleable and deep.

The Model 509 is a finely graduated violin with a powerful and refined tone. It comes with a case, a brazilwood bow, a carbon fiber bow shoulder rest, and rosin. The Model 509 also comes with Dominant violin strings.

7. DZ Strad Violin Model 505

The D Z Strad Violin Model 505 is a high-quality, handmade instrument built with selected wood pieces. The top of the violin is made from Russian spruce, naturally air-dried. Maple wood is used for the back, ribs, and scroll. The violin is hand oil-varnished to give it an antique look. It also comes with a handmade art piece. Hand-carved pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest are also included. The violin comes with a case, bow, shoulder rest, and rosin cake.

8. DZ Strad Gasparo Da Salo Violin Model 326

The D Z Strad Gasparo Da Salo Violin Model 326 is a popular choice among violin teachers, students, and professionals because of its features. This finely carved and quality finished violin is made with aged maple wood to give it the best sound possible. It also comes equipped with a bow, case, strings, and rosin so that you can start playing right away.

9. DZ Strad Violin N615

The DZ Strad N615 is more expensive than the DZ Strad 100. It is meant for more advanced students or performers. This violin is breathtaking, which means it is really good.

The best tonewoods are used in the construction of this violin. The spruce from Italian Alps are cured for over 30 years, and the maple back, scroll, and ribs have been air-dried for 20 years. No detail is overlooked on this violin, from the hand carving to the tuners to the strings. Everything has been fine-tuned to perfection.

This violin is very good and can easily become an heirloom. It comes with two bows, a Pernambuco bow, and a high-quality carbon fiber bow. It also comes with an upgraded case.

10. DZ Strad N201

The d z Strad n201 is a good violin for more advanced players. It is made with care and effort to make sure you get it as a piece of art. The fiddle has become popular among its current users because it delivers quality sounds.

The design of this violin is truly a work of art. It looks attractive because it has a fine varnish. This piece is entirely handcrafted, and it has been hand-oil-varnished. Everyone's attention will be drawn to the outline.

The item offers you everything you need. It comes with two bows, one made of wood and the other made of fiber. The shell case is hard and upgraded.

D Z Strad Violins – Buyers Guide!

What To Look For in D Z Strad Violins

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need to be aware of the features of different violins before you buy one. This includes looking at the features of DZ Strad Violins and other violins.

Different instruments have different features. You need to be sure that the instrument's features you choose fit your needs.

The Violin Construction

The first thing you need to think about is the violin's construction. You want to make sure it is made from a strong material, so it will be a good quality violin (many DZ Strad violins are made from aged tone-woods).

That's why there should not be any seams or cracks on any part of the violin. And also, there should not be any creaks when you apply pressure to it.

The Violin Material

When looking for a high-quality violin, you'll need to pay attention to the type of wood used. Many high-quality violins are made with spruce wood for the top and maple wood for the back and sides. Some of them even have fine gold-plated tuners.

Ebony is a type of wood that is often used on violins. It is important to pick the right type of wood since it impacts the tonal quality of the violin. You need to consider many factors before buying a D Z Strad violin.

Knowing about the key features of an instrument can make it easier for you to choose the right one.

The DZ Strad violins we reviewed are made with high-quality wood. You don't have to check the materials as closely.


D Z Strad violins are known for their high quality and robust construction. They are often used in performances because they are reliable. However, it is important to note that there are small to significant differences between each D Z Strad violin. You should consider these differences when choosing the right model for you, based on your personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About DZ Strad Violin Review

Is a DZ Strad Violin Good?

DZ Strad produces outstanding quality violins for intermediate and advanced players. They are the preferred violins of Suzuki school instructors and private teachers alike. The 509 is one of the most popular models produced by the firm.

Are DZ Strad Violas Good?

The D Z Strad brand won our rating in 2017 and 2016 as the best intermediate viola brand. The Model 101 is reasonably priced at about $400 for a complete outfit.

Where Is the DZ Strad Violin Made?

DZ Strad is a company that makes instruments of all kinds. It is located in the center of New York, in the United States. This company is famous for making violins and other beautiful and high-quality instruments.

Who Makes DZ Strad?

DZ Strad is a company from White Plains, New York, specializing in selling string instruments and accessories. Their model 101 1/8 size violin is designed for beginner children four to six years old with an arm length of around 16.5 inches. It is handmade by DZ Strad and comes with a case, bow, and rosin.

What Is the Best Violin Brand?

There are many excellent violin brands, but the best one is Stradivarius. But it is rare and expensive. Now we can make an instrument like a Stradivarius at a lower price because we now know how to make them better.

What Violins Do Professionals Use?

If you are looking for a professional violin, you can buy one low budget. You could choose the Yamaha Model 5, Mikhail Vitacek, or D’Luca PROJB44. If you play in an orchestra, consider the One Piece Back Maestro Old spruce Stradi. It all depends on what you need and your role as a violinist.

Are DZ Strad Cellos Good?

DZ Strad carries a selection of high-quality cellos. They are robust and enable you to create fantastic sounds. Additionally, they are suitable for both personal and business use. These cellos may be available at your local music store.

What Is a Stradivarius Violin Made of?

The top, internal blocks, and linings of the violin were made from spruce. Willow was used for the back, ribs, and neck. It’s been speculated that the wood may have been treated with minerals before and after the violin’s construction.

Who Is Scott Cao?

Scott Cao is a violin maker born in China but now lives and works in Campbell, California, United States.

Where Are Scott Cao Violins Made?

The 750 series of violins are the most moderately priced among the artist’s violins. The Guangzhou workshop makes them precise copies of famous Italian violins. They are built with 7-years-old Chinese maple and Italian spruce.

Where Are DZ Strad Violins Made?

DZ Strad is a company that produces instruments of all types. It is located close to the center of New York City in the United States. This company is known for making violins and other beautiful and high-quality instruments.

What Is the DZ Strad Violin?

D Z Strad Violin Shop is a great place to fine violins, violas, and cellos. They have a wide selection of string instruments and bows, cases, and strings.

Is DZ Strad a Good Brand?

DZ Strad violins are some of our favorites for intermediate and advanced players. They are high-quality and look, feel, and sound like more mature violins. The 509 model is especially popular with Suzuki school instructors and private teachers.

How Do You Know if a Violin Is of Good Quality?

The seams of a violin should be elegantly sealed, and there shouldn't be any visible glue or rough edges. The more finely carved the scroll, the higher the quality of the violin. On a quality violin, the purfling, or thin black lines that outline the top of the violin, will be inlaid instead of paint.

How Much Should You Pay for a Good Violin?

An intermediate player might need to spend around $1,000-$3,000 on a violin. This will get them a high-quality and solid instrument. For professionals, the price range for a good violin goes from $3,000 to $1 Million.

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