Fiddlerman Soloist Violin: What Makes It Different Than Other Violins

Soloist violins are the specialty of Fiddlerman, a violin company that specializes in the production of such violins. Unlike traditional violins, these instruments are custom-made for each individual player, with the sound and size of the instrument being tailored to the player's preferences. This blog post will go over what makes these violins unique, as well as why you should consider purchasing one of these instruments. Instruments such as the Soloist Violin necessitate a higher level of technical proficiency than they appear. This is due to the fact that it is intended for experienced musicians who possess advanced playing techniques.

It is not universally agreed upon that a small version of an instrument is not appropriate for children. However, some people believe that they are suitable as a second instrument.

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Scott Cao 750 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu 905 Violin

Fiddlerman Artist Violin Outfit

B-Stock Fiddlerman OB1 Violin Outfit


Fiddlerman’s Soloist is perfect for live performances because it has good sound qualities and is not expensive. It can be used by experienced players in string quartets or big orchestras.

This is a good instrument for fast passages or solo variations with a focused and brilliant projection.

What’s Included in the Outfit?

When you buy this outfit, you can choose the right violin size for you. It comes in two colors: red-brown and medium brown.

If you like red, you should get a case with red undertones. You can choose what color your case is and if you want it to be dark gray or sand-colored.

You’ll receive a well-balanced Fiddlerman carbon fiber bow, an Oblong Violin Case FC75, and Holstein Premium rosin that add a good tactile feel to the bow’s hair.

This bundle includes a rubber practice mute, polish cloth, and a Fiddlerman digital tuner as part of the Fiddlerman standard violin outfit.

Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Outfit Features

This violin is among the finest in its price range, and it is a rare find. It is entirely constructed by hand from premium-quality spruce and maple that is more than 12 years old.

The bridge on this violin is a hand-carved French Despiau bridge, and the fingerboard is made of ebony. The fittings are extremely precise, which is not common in violins of this quality.
The Thomastik Vision strings that come with this violin are a good match for the airy carbon fiber bow that comes with it. You can achieve a warm tone in the lower register while maintaining a light tone in the upper register in this manner.

The Soloist Violin Outfit also has a number of appealing characteristics. Thanks to the FC75 case, which is both durable and lightweight, you'll have a safe place to store your violin and other accessories.

As previously stated, this item is available in two color options: dark gray or elegant sand. The case has enough room for four bows to be stored within it. This item has exterior upholstery, which makes you feel more comfortable when you wear it.

Using the Soloist Violin

This outfit is easy to play with. You can start playing right away because these Fiddlerman instruments have already been tested.

This outfit has everything needed to hear the Soloist’s sound. You will not need to buy anything else.

Fiddlerman Master Violin Outfit

The Fiddlerman Master violin is an excellent choice for beginning violinists. Because it was carved by hand, it can be relied on to function properly. It also shares some characteristics with the Soloist model.

This instrument is packaged in a case that is difficult to break. There are other things in it as well. However, it may not be as effective as other options in certain situations. A number of musicians believe it is the best one they have ever used.

This violin may be exactly what you've been looking for. It is a second violin with a variety of positive characteristics.

Scott Cao 750 Violin

If you would like to own a violin with excellent sound quality, the Scott Cao 750 violin might be the right choice for you. Bear in mind that the guitar does not come with many accessories, and it is only notable for its strings. This instrument is not as expensive as the Soloist model. This may work better for a student or beginner. You might have to pay more for your house if you want to change your things around.

Ming Jiang Zhu 905 Violin

This violin from Ming Jiang Zhu 905 is an excellent choice if you want a violin that has a good sound and is well-made. It is a step above the Soloist violin in terms of sound and build quality.

The fact that it is one of the best sellers in its price range does not come as a surprise to us. A Despiau bridge and Thomastik Vision strings are among the many features of this guitar. A violin made of 12-year-old dried wood is excellent, but it is also expensive. You should make certain that you have sufficient funds for it.

Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Review

The Fiddlerman Soloist Violin is the most advanced model offered by Fiddlerman Violins. It is available in three sizes. This violin is ideal for students at the upper levels of their studies. It is made by hand with great care and attention to detail, and it is constructed of high-quality materials. A rich tone and a wide range of capabilities are provided by this instrument.

This instrument is ideal for students who are looking for something that will develop alongside their abilities. It will serve them well for many years.

An exclusive Holstein Violin workshop is now responsible for the manufacture of the Soloist violin. After experimenting with a number of different models, Fiddlerman finally settled on this one as his favorite advanced-level violin. Before shipping out these violins, Fiddlerman will personally inspect and test them thoroughly.


Fiddlershop is rapidly expanding and transforming the string instrument industry because they believe that everyone should have access to music and instruments at a price they can afford. To ensure that their customers receive only the best instruments possible, the company's founder, Pierre Holstein (a.k.a. "Fiddlerman") collaborates directly with instrument makers from many different countries. With over 40 years of experience as a professional violinist in orchestras around the world, he brings unrivaled expertise in both music and business to everything they do.

Every Fiddlerman violin is set up and tested in their workshop to ensure that it meets their high standards. Their team of experts is available to assist you with any questions you may have and to ensure that your instrument arrives in good condition.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

All Fiddlerman instruments come with a lifetime warranty that covers the structural integrity of the instrument, as well as free lifetime adjustments. The included accessories have a standard one-year warranty.

If you are not happy with your Fiddlerman instrument for any reason, you can return it within 45 days.

Fiddlerman Violins Aesthetics & Build

Fiddlerman violins are some of the best quality mass-produced instruments you can buy.

They all have a similar look, with deep red finishes and high-quality fittings.


Fiddlerman violins are made from a combination of spruce and maple wood. The quality of the instrument depends on how long the wood is dried. Drying the wood for four to 12 years will produce different sounds.

They're made of the greatest quality wood. They come with ebony fingerboards and fittings, luthier-approved strings, and handcrafted bridges and sound posts.


The deep red glaze on Fiddlerman violins makes them look professional and sophisticated. Since they are bulk-produced, they all have this finish.

Case, Bow, And Accessories

The Fiddlerman violin set comes with everything you need to start playing, including a high-quality case, a carbon fiber bow, a shoulder rest, cloth, tuner, and mute. For more advanced models, customers can choose the appearance of the case.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Fiddlerman Violin

When selecting an instrument, it's critical to know exactly what you're looking for. Do you want to buy your first musical instrument? Are you looking for an instrument that will assist you in your musical development? Alternatively, are you looking for a long-term instrument for your professional life?

What is your spending limit on a violin? And what kind of sound do you want to hear, exactly? It is critical to consider your overall requirements when selecting a violin because every violin has a distinct sound.


Violins are available in a variety of sizes. The most frequently encountered size is 4/4. Students must purchase the appropriate size violin because if they purchase one that is either too large or too small, it will be difficult to play the instrument and they may sustain an injury. Students who are younger or smaller in stature should experiment with different sizes until they find the one that best fits their body.

Placing the violin on your shoulder and reaching your left arm out will allow you to determine whether the instrument is the proper size for you. If you can wrap your fingers around the scroll of the violin, it will fit comfortably at your arm's length. If it doesn't, it's too big; if your arm extends far beyond the scroll, it's not big enough.

In the United States, the vast majority of adults play on a 4/4 size instrument. Despite this, some people prefer to play on a 7/8ths instrument because their arms are shorter. The size of your instrument has an impact on the sound that it produces as well. In order to produce the best acoustic sound possible, a full-size instrument is designed to be as large as possible, but many smaller instruments are still quite good.

The Overall Tone & Sound

A unique characteristic of each violin is the fact that it is handmade. When it comes to the sound of a violin, it is also dependent on the person who is playing it, so finding an instrument with the tone and sound you desire can be challenging. By examining the violin's physical characteristics, it is possible to predict how the violin will sound.

Antique and artisanal instruments typically produce a better sound than more affordable models do.. For beginning and intermediate students, however, less expensive models are still adequate.


Fiddlerman violins are available at a variety of price points, with the cheapest starting at a few hundred dollars, which includes a case and bow. For students looking for an affordable alternative to antique and artisan violins, these instruments are of superior quality when compared to those made by hand.

Alternatives to Consider

Fiddlerman Artist Violin Outfit

Another option for a violin could be the Fiddlerman Artist Violin. It’s cheaper and doesn’t come with a hard case, but it still sounds good. This is especially true if you play with good technique.

The Artist model may be better suited for beginners because it is more forgiving on open strings. But the price cut also comes with trade-offs in the quality of the bow, strings, and case.

B-Stock Fiddlerman OB1 Violin Outfit

B-stock Fiddlerman OB1 Violin Outfits have minor visible imperfections, which allows them to be sold at a significantly lower price. These visible imperfections have no effect on the overall quality of the violin, making these models an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate students who want a high-quality instrument at an affordable price.These violins are ideal for people who are looking for their first violin, Suzuki students, and those who play in orchestras at their local schools. They have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from hundreds of customers.

Fiddlerman Apprentice Violin Outfit

The Fiddlerman Apprentice Violin is a step up from the OB1 model. It has a more refined tone quality and flexibility. This is a great instrument for beginner and intermediate students looking for an affordable instrument to start or continue their violin studies. It comes with everything you need already included.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiddlerman Soloist Violin

Are Fiddlerman Violins Good?

Fiddlerman Violins offers good quality violins. What makes them unique is that they alter the violin as they play. The Fiddlerman Concert Violin is below $ 500, made of good quality aged tonewood ebony parts. It comes with a complete set, including a strong carbon fiber bow.

What Is the Price of a Violin?

The price of a good violin can vary. They might cost $1,000 or up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. An antique violin is more valuable because it was made by famous makers who are dead now. You need to find the right match for the violin and the person who will play it. If you want to buy a cheap violin, you can find one that costs less than $250. But you have to be mindful that the quality is undeniably far from high-value violins.

What Violins Do Professionals Use?

If you want a professional violin brand at a low price, Yamaha Model 5 is good. Mikhail Vitacek and D’Luca PROJB44 are other good choices. You should think about what you need and your role if you’re playing in an orchestra.

How Much Does a Soloist Violin Cost?

Soloist violins for students at this level cost $2300-$4000. These instruments are better for students with a high skill level who want a powerful, full-voiced violin.

Is a 100 Dollar Violin Good?

A $100 violin can be a good instrument. But it will cost more to get it there. It is better to spend more money on an instrument already made well and ready to play.

What Should a Beginner Violin Cost?

beginner violin can be purchased for around $600. Intermediate violins cost between $1,500 and $2,000. Professional violins, on the other hand, cost several thousand dollars.

What Is a Soloist Violin?

A soloist is a violin player who gets to play the violin solo part in any concert, in any location.

How Much Is a Professional Violin?

Most professional violinists own violins that cost between $2,000 and $10,000. However, some own violins cost much more than this.

What Is the Most Expensive Violin in the World?

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin is the most expensive in the world. It was recently sold for an estimated $16million (£10.5million). The new owner anonymously donated the instrument to violinist Anne Akiko Meyers on loan for the rest of her life.

What Is a Good Price for a Beginner Violin?

A quality beginner violin can start at around $600. Intermediate violins can be around $1,500, and university-level violins can be several thousand dollars.

What Does a Soloist Do?

In the world of classical music, there are soloists. These musicians are very good, and they travel from city to city, performing with different orchestras.

What Makes a Good Soloist?

A great guitar solo has different textures, some room to breathe, some fast parts, and some slow. It also includes double stops (two notes played at the same time), scales (a series of notes played one after the other), and echoes the song’s theme. In some cases, it even follows the basic melody line or hints at themes in the verses or chorus.

How Do You Become a Professional Violin Soloist?

The best way to become a professional violinist is to practice a lot. Then, you can audition for an orchestra that you want to be in. If you don’t want to audition for an orchestra, you can still be a professional violinist by practicing even more.

Does a Violin Get Better With Age?

The more you play your wooden stringed instrument, the better it will sound. The vibrations of the strings will cause the wood to vibrate, making them sound better.

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